States of Schandleria

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The Autocracy of Schandleria is compromised of four states and four territories.


Etymology of the States

State/Territory name Type Capital Total area Population
Tigress State Monomew 1.73 sq mi 21
Geoxe State Ausshaffen 1.37 sq mi 12
Pugue State Pugue 2.5 sq mi 15
Felixshire Territory Vermontz 3.73 sq mi 0
Scipler Territory Baseton 19.36 sq mi 3
Smokia Territory Lepusler 21.43 sq mi 4
Vincememe Territory Vincememe Approximately 25 square miles 0
Aquilonia State Aquilotown Approximately 20 square miles 12
State name Language of origin Word of origin Meaning and Notes
Tigress English Named for the term for a female tiger
Geoxe A random word that was came up with
Scipler A random word that was came up with
Smokia English Named for a cat, named Smoky, that would follow explorers that found the area
Pugue English Named for the pug dogs in the area that people own
Felixshire English, Latin felis meaning cat Felis in Latin put onto the -shire suffix
Aquilonia Latin aquilonem aquilonem for northern
Vincememe English vince, meme A combination of the first name Vince, and the word meme