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A state in Klaise is a second-level administration district where every county within the state elects an State Autocrat in a caucus and the two most elected Autocrats out of the counties will go to a final election and the one elected from there will become the State Autocrat. States typically share the same opinions on issues and such and the map of states can show accurately where sub-cultures, religion and political views are at within the micronation.


Geoxe is a state in northern Klaise. The state is the third smallest of the five and the most geographically diverse. Geoxe is home to Clover Canyon, a gorge that is around 75 feet deep with the Clover River running in it. Geoxe is also home to an archepelago on the November Reservoir. The reservoir is home to the cities of November, Geoxe and McCauxoe, Felixshire. Unlike other states, Geoxe does not have a capitol city. Instead, it's decisions are made in the county caucus sheds then made decisions get done through phone or Skype.


Manx is a state in northern Klaise. Manx is the smallest by area and has the flattest general geography of the nation. Manx's principal cities are Ausshaffen and Kekyl with a combined population of eight residents according to the 2014 Klaisese census. The state is the most poorest state as well despite there being direct access to catnip farms at the Felixshire and Tigress boarder and direct access to Monomaew's business and government careers. As Manx is almost a city-state, as Ausshaffen and Kekyl nearly takes up the whole area of the state, the capitol where the elections take place vary each year. Also, part of the November Reservoir is in Manx. The state's overall population is unlike other parts of the nation. Manx's population consists of mostly Protestants and Conservatives. Part of the reason Manx is a state is to separate the Christians who want to govern themselves with Conservative views while the rest of Klaise is mostly Atheistic and Centralist.


Tigress is a state in southern Klaise. The state is the second largest state in the nation and has a diverse geography. The western part of the state has the whole Monomaew area inside it while in the east, a logging industry destroyed the plant life and caused the land to become a "semi arid" area with small plants but grass usually dies. The capitol of Tigeress is Monomaew.


Felixshire is the most eastern state in the nation, and also the largest in land. The geography of the state consists of the western edge of the state being a valley for the DS Creek, while in the central areas and the east almost entirely consist of hilly, heavily forested terrain. It is the least populous state in Klaise. Felixshire is much like Nordchan and Aukstrom, and will result the same way it did soon. Huge lands with profitable materials, with no population, resulting in no representation, will then become demoted into a territory. Then if the land becomes more obsolete than it is, it will be completely forgotten and unclaimed altogether. The capitol of Felixshire is Ocelepolis.


Nordchan is a state in the colonial northern areas of Klaise. Nordchan's population is temporary due to it being in the wilderness, and there being no civilization for miles. The area is known for having been the southern half of Waldschneckeland. The reason for the state of Waldschneckeland to split up is due to the creek known as the Vincememe. The Vincememe acts as a natural barrier between Aukstrom and Nordchan. Nordchan's namesake is from it being north, and in German, nord means north. Chan comes from imageboard suffixes such as 8ch, 4chan, 2channel, etc. Nordchan's capitol city is Vincememe, which is on the Vincememe (creek).


Aukstrom is a state in the colonial northern areas of Klaise. Aukstrom is the most northern state in all of Klaise. It's namesake is from "aquilonem" meaning north, which is where "auk" comes from, and "strom" from stream in German, which signifies that Aukstrom is north of the Vincememe. Aukstrom's population is minimal, and isn't sovereign to Klaise. The population in the city of Auklicul are mostly Caucasian, middle aged and Christian. Aukstrom has no road connections to anywhere in Klaise, so the only way from Auklicil, the capitol of Aukstrom, to the rest of southern Klaise, is by ultralight aircraft, or walking from the hamlet to Vincememe, the capitol of Nordchan, which is on the floor of the Waldschnecke Valley, and would be a 0.5 mile walk.