State of Regrabetpar

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State of Regrabetpar
Ke'rø seĵ Regrabetpàr


Capital cityÒrv-Klitebik
Largest cityLetbă City
Official language(s)Regrabetapek Rakwiktrab
EstablishedJuly 1st 2013
Area claimed279.92 sq mi (725 km2)
Time zoneEST

The State of Regrabetpar is a state of Huro-Atlantica. It ranks 3rd in Area (After the States of Desag and Dezisab) and 2nd in Population (after the State of Desag). It has a population of 929,048 and an area of 725 km2. The Current Governor of Regrabetpar is Pétir Gray (R).

Counties & Municipalities

  • County of Ø
  • County of Letbwegras
  • County of Rakwiktàr
  • Municipality of Letbă