State of New Plux

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State of New Plux
Plux flag.png
National Flag
Plux coa.png
Coat of Arms

Look on the plus side!
Official language(s)English, Dutch
Short nameNew Plux, Plux
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Established25 June 2019
Area claimedUndetermined
New Plux is planning to incorporate into Project Microcity in 2022.

The State of New Plux, commonly shortened to New Plux or Plux, is a micronation without land claims. This landless nation is set to become a part of Project Microcity in 2022. New Plux, although non-territorial as of June 25, 2019, is planning to claim soil in central Pennsylvania within three years.


New Plux was established on 25 June 2019, with no land claims. New Plux plans to incorporate into Project Microcity in 2022.

Government and politics

New Plux is a absolute monarchy, with Jaiden I as the incumbent King. This government is only effective for three years, however, until New Plux is annexed into Project Microcity, in which it will fall under jurisdiction of Project Microcity's federal government, which will be similar to the government of the United States.