State of Malus

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State of Malus
Ŝtato de Malus (Esperanto)
Flag of State of Malus
Coat of arms of State of Malus
Coat of arms
Motto: "Solve et Coagula"
"Dissolve and Coagulate"
Anthem: "Freedom March"
and largest city
Official languages
  • English
  • Esperanto
Ethnic groups
  • 91% White
  • 8% Black
  • 1% Latino
GovernmentFederal democratic indirect democracy
• Visser
Henry Gibson
Thomas Jacobs
LegislatureHigh Hyperborean Council
• Reformation of the Republic of Long Island
22 March 2021
• Reformation of the Confederation of Malus
29 July 2022
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Long Island
Republic of Malus

Malus, officially the State of Malus, (sometimes referred to as Hyperborean Malus) was a micronation located in New York, more specifically the Metropolitan sector and Long Island micronational area. It was founded on 22 March 2021 by Luciferio Mickomik as the Confederation of Malus, although plans for its creation were made months before. The confederation was the successor to the Republic of Long Island, which became defunct on 16 March 2021. On 29 July, Malus was reformed into the State of Malus. The State of Malus was dissolved on December 15, 2022, by its last Sub-Visser Thomas Jacobs. It was briefly brought back, then officially dissolved on January 15, 2023, by Henry Gibson.


The state's name came from the word "apple" in Latin, which is Malum. This was a reference to the nickname for New York City, the Big Apple. Later on, when learning of demonology and the works of Aleister Crowley, the founder of Malus, Luciferio, and discovered Halphas, also known as Malthus. Because it sounded like Malus, this was also an official reason for the name of the nation.

Historical Context

Historical affiliations

Dissolution of the Republic of Long Island

The Confederation of Malus was founded after president Luci of the Republic of Long Island realized the micronation was in decline. The RLI faced several issues such as decreasing citizenship, political tension, a failed coup attempt, and the strain of two near wars. Information was not getting out to citizens quickly enough and that led many of them to feel unsafe and leave.[1]

From 6 to June 2019, the Republic of Long Island was involved in a conflict with the now defunct Republic of Feathers and Gills, which was also located on Long Island. On the 6 June, Max of the Nottingham-Stinoculous Empire started a dispute with president Luci, demanding the RLI relinquish claims and recognize the RFG, which was allied to the NSE.[2] President Luci encouraged Max to look into coexistence and they reached that agreement on 15 October, ending the awkward conflict. On 19 October, president Luci asked Max, who was serving as the diplomatic representative for the RFG, if the republic would be interested in forming a defense union for Long Island with him and Mark I, king of the Kingdom of Long Island. On 20 October, he attempted to reach the leader of the RFG, however he got no response and the plan was never realized.[3]

On 29 July, King Mark the First came to president Luci, inquiring about the situation with the RFG and NSE and wondering how his Kingdom of Long Island could coexist the president's republic.[4] Luci told Mark I that he was looking into a "Union State" and proposed the creation of one, combining the RLI, KLI, and RFG. King Mark declined the offer and instead offered to be a part of a pact with the RLI that would strive to make Long Island a better place. President Luci accepted and on the first of August the situation was resolved. The pact between the two micronations never saw the light of day, and early into the year 2020, the KLI is dissolved, leaving the RLI the only micronation on the Micronations Fandom website on Long Island.

Mutual Recognition Treaty

In August 2020, a left-wing insurgency occurred when a small separatist group attempted to seize power and establish thePeople's Republic of Long Island. There was no outbreak of physical war and no official declarations were made, but on Twitter, the social media accounts for the PRLI and RLI engaged in flame warfare and each garnered support from other micronations. Notably, the Fesmarian Government supported both governments and so did the Republic of Adolaxia, although it was initially on the side of the PRLI.[5] The insurgency engaged in several tactics to derail and sabotage the course of the RLI, such as vandalising the wiki page, creating anti-RLI propaganda, and "clowning" on president Luci. Through private talks and diplomacy, the RLI and insurgency came to an agreement in which the RLI would recognize them as the PRLI. On 28 August 2020, a Mutual Recognition Treaty was created by president Luci and signed by both parties, ending the conflict. The end to the "Chilly Skirmish" (as it was sometimes called) was celebrated by other micronationalists on Twitter who viewed the event. After all of this fighting, the PRLI lasted just four months, being incorporated into the Republic of Long Island in December 2020. It was during this time period that president Luci had a personal political change and started to look at issues differently. He became more left leaning and allowed the former insurgents to advise him in making decisions regarding things like social issues and economics.

Timeline of the transition from republic to confederation.

Reformation Period

By January, it became clear that the micronation was stagnating. Previous unrealistic and fantastical colonial ambitions like claims to Antarctica and large parts of Long Island turned a lot of citizens off from the idea of being citizens of a micronation. President Luci had wanted to create union states and alliances to build up the strength and legitimacy of the micronation, but it never came to fruition. Tired of trying to turn the micronation into something more serious when all people would see it as was anything but, president Luci called it quits and on March 7, 2021, declared that on the 16ᵗʰ, the RLI would be dissolved, officially lasting for just 2 full years. Although no Union State was formed with the RFG or KLI, small micronational projects decided they wanted to join the RLI. Friends of president Luci that had micronational interests agreed to join with the RLI, creating the Confederation of Malus. Citizens residing in the RLI were automatically made citizens of Malus. Any alliances previously made by the republic were declared no longer relevant, bringing the new confederation into a period of isolationism. During this time, president Luci re-evaluated his political views and applied them into the policies of the confederation, notably being more open to left wing ideologies, like social democracy, and not being opposed to socialism or communism. While the president would retain most of the power in Malus, the micronation was made up of multiple political parties who have varying positions, as opposed to there only being one in the former republic.


Confederation of Malus

Establishment Era

Map of Novum (April 2022)

The Confederation of Malus was established on March 22, 2021. During the final few months of the Republic of Long Island, president Luci had been shifting the micronation in a left wing, more inclusive way. Due to the events of the 2020-2021 anti-racism protests in the United States and additionally the Capitol Riot, president Luci banned any far right political parties from holding a position in the government on June 1, 2021. Of the three political parties in the confederation at the time, only one was banned, the People for Long Island party. There was only one advisor to the president who belonged to the party, however the Freedom Party of Malus publicly condemned the President's actions the following day. President Luci responded by having the MNMO release a previously unreleased interview wherein he discussed the recent Black Lives Matter protests, the Hong Kong Protests, and the Capitol Riot. This softened the citizen's view on the President, who on the 5th of June released a formal statement explaining why the party was banned. The Freedom Party backed down and were given an extra member in the advisory.

As well as banning the party, president Luci also created the AFA, or Anti-Fascist Alliance, which would later be re-branded to the Anti-Prejudice Alliance. The alliance was created in response to the surge of far right and homophobic micronationalism in the community and is an attempt to curb it.

In June 2021, several books became illegal to own in the Confederation of Malus. Notably, Mein Kampf, Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer. Gone with the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird were banned due to their portrayal of issues like race, rape, and gender roles. On the thirteenth of July, president Luci reversed this ban and allowed all books to be legal in Malus.

On 10 June 2021, president Luci declared June Pride Month for LGBTQ+ citizens, while simultaneously criticising the "Super Sexuality" movement as well as the Straight Pride parade that took place in 2019. Five days later on June 15, the Bi/Pan Visibility Organization was created to support and advocate for the rights of people in the bisexual and pansexual community and to disrupt the monosexual narrative.

On 24 August 2021, president Luci withdrew the confederation from the Anti-Prejudice Alliance. This was due to a leadership breakdown, when he attempted to pass the role off to other members and it fell through. President Luci also wanted to become more hostile towards condemned micronations, something other alliance members did not agree with. On 28 August 2021, The APA was taken over by Astrex of Ceticilia, The same day, the organization was renamed the Alliance Égalitaire.

Ausverian soldier during Operation Fall Gelb of the Long Island War.

Entry into wider micronational community

On 8 October 2021, a micronational war occurred on Long Island between a coalition of western Long Island micronations against Tesforia and its allies. The western coalition of Ausveria and Todt Hill declared war against Tesforia,[6] which was later joined by Englica on the second day of the war.[6][7] The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma also got involved in the war hours after the conflict initially started, declaring war on the western coalition. President Luci was not initially aware of the war when it first broke out, however, judging other micronational reactions to the situation he came to the conclusion that it would be best to provide diplomatic support to the People's Republic of Tesforia, as Auservia's micronational values did not align with those of Malus. President Luci saw the support of Ausveria coming from far right micronations as another sign to side with Tesforia, and officially declared on October 28, 2021, at 12:24 EST that the confederation would be staying militarily neutral, but support the efforts of Tesforia. On November 15, president Luci stated that his opinion of the war soured, and he withdrew support from Tesforia, as he viewed the war as a simulationist effort on the part of Ausveria to drum up attention for the micronation. As the conflict continued to die into 2022, Malus declared the war was "officially" over on March 19, 2022.

2022 troubles

On 30 December 2021, president Luci lifted his ban on any far right political parties from holding a position of power in the Malusian government. This was something he had enacted on June 1, and after the collapse of the PLI party, he lifted the restriction. In response to this and in celebration, the Opposition Party, a far right, anti-egalitarian party, began spreading the message of their platform. This would create controversy within the micronation, and have citizens question president Luci's decision making. The Progressive Party would denounce the Opposition Party, and the president himself would condemn the party, re-affirming his commitment to a micronation free of discrimination.

Going into 2022, the government of Malus would experience a great political change. The Freedom Party decided to merge with President Luci's Progressive Party, giving the Progressives total control of the government, with six out of six advisory spots held by the Progressives and President Luci being president. This further angered the Opposition Party and they ramped up their advertising, placing more stickers around the confederation and denouncing Luci as well as the confederation as a whole, with Niko Jaxo saying, "this isn't a country, it's a dictator's fantasy." Luci responded by saying the Freedom Party voluntarily merged with the Progressives, and told Jaxo to "find a way to deal with it."

Jaxo declared that the upcoming election was going to be fraudulent and rigged against him, citing the fact that Luci had ruled this area for over one thousand days (including his time as president of the RLI), and that no ruler would want to relinquish power. The president responded to these claims by criticizing the Opposition Party's positions and again calling them bigoted.

On 4 March 2022, President Luci made the controversial claim that his first year as president of Malus did not count as his first term, as he had established the office and did not win an election. This created controversy due to the fact that if he were to win the 2022 election, he would then have four more terms to rule rather than the three he would have if the first year of his presidency counted as his first term. Advisors in the Progressive Party were split on the issue, deciding to vote on March 9 on whether to count Luci's first year as his first term or to count his first election win as his first term. They came to the conclusion that his first year would count as his first term.

Leading up to the 2022 election, Niko Jaxo voiced his support for the Movement for a Satanic Future (MSF). The movement is a coalition of Satanists within and around the confederation that was created when the Satanic Order of Malus was disestablished, and satanists were looking for a new place to belong. While personally being in opposition to Satanism, Jaxo saw an opportunity to disrupt the success of Luci's presidency by supporting a movement with a grudge against the government. Jaxo began assisting the movement with propaganda and publicity. In response, the Progressive Party called out Jaxo for trying to create a disruption during an election. The Opposition Party declined to respond, and the MSF released a statement saying, "For Malus to dismiss our gripes with the government because of who assisted us with organizing is laughable." On March 11, president Luci proposed a Satanic state within the confederation. This proposal was rejected by the MSF and they demanded to be recognized as their own independent commune. On March 18, 2022, the MSF created their own political party, just 5 days before the election. Almost a month later as a bid to end the disgruntlement of the MSF, Luci declared the official religion of Malus to be Satanism on April 13, 2022.[8]

While appeasing the MSF, this action resulted in Ausveria and the Italic Duchy of Western Long Island forming the Holy Catholic League of Long Island, which was created with the one goal of defending Long Island against the "rising threat of Satanism."[9] This move increased the already strained relations between Ausveria and Malus, and temporarily paused the talks between Malus and Western Long Island on the development of a space program.

Involvement in various conflicts

Following the Long Island War, the confederation grew to be seen as more polarizing within the Long Island Micronational Area. With Malus continually not seeing eye to eye with Ausveria, and already not recognizing a number of states in that region, the confederation lost a lot of support from those micronations. On 30 March 2022, the State of Faltree officially ended diplomatic relations with Malus, claiming the two were at ideological odds. This led Luci to form the Satanic Social Democrats party in Faltree on 20 April. Luci intended to join the Lavian Secession Crisis and side against Ausveria to support Lavallette becoming independent, but initially decided against it following the break up of relations with the Long Island micronational community. Towards the end of April 2022, Malus would join two political, economic, and military micronational organizations, those being the Titanium Pact and Conquistadors Treaty Organisation. On 8 May, the CTO voted in favor of defending the Pochehovan Socialist Republic from the Eponian Empire, thus intervening in the Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War.

In response to suddenly being involved in a war with the CTO and potentially another one in Rhode Island, the Luciferian Vanguard of Malus was created. After internally deliberating, the president and his advisors decided to vote on whether or not to address the Lavian Secession Crisis. On a vote of 4–2, it was decided that a document would be drafted to signify that Malus was firmly on the side of the Federal Republic of Lavallette. On 9 May, president Luci released the statement into the micronational community, stating, "Ausverian suppression of liberty should not be tolerated by the Long Island community and it will not be tolerated by our confederation."[10] Knowing of the statement on the Lavian Secession Crisis the day before, Ausveria and Ronkonkoma jointly declared war on Malus, invading the Autonomous Satanic Region of Malus, starting the Veterans Park War.

On 20 May 2022, the Confederation of Malus withdrew from the CTO, due to them voting not to help defend the ASRM in the Veterans Park War. This took Malus out of the Eponian-Pochehovan War as well.

Satanic World Order

During May 2022, Luci entered into an alliance with the Baron of New Kendal, Kyle Lawson, and the president of the Republic of Aelzaria, William Marcinek. New Kendal and Malus had established diplomatic ties in March, with each recognizing each other on 21 March, and agreed to mutual defense on 4 April. On 14 May, Lawson contacted Luci again, proposing a Satanic alliance composed of New Kendal, Malus, and Kendal's new ally, the Republic of Aelzaria. Diplomatic talks between the three nations lasted four days, and on 18 May, the Satanic World Order was born. Each member in the alliance pledged to defend the other, which was immediately put to test with Malus still fighting the West Long Island Pact.

Becoming an Almendrian AR

On June 28, 2022, Malus joined the Almendria as an autonomous republic, signing the AR framework plan.[11] As an autonomous republic, Malus was able to keep its identity, government, currency, and religion. The agreement required Luciferio to swear an oath of loyalty to the general-president, Tizian Aruna.

Reformation into the State of Malus

The transition of the Confederation of Malus into the State of Malus, sometimes called the Second Reformation Era, was a process that lasted from July 29, 2022, until August 15, 2022. Malus was reconfigured into a centralized state, with the districts being under the full control of Luciferio, rather than a governor or another type of regional leader.

Flag of the Republic of Zeena

State of Malus

Unification of Malus and Zeena

The State of Malus was formed when the Confederation of Malus and Republic of Zeena were merged into a new state. The Republic of Zeena was never truly established, and it was nonsensical to Luci to be ruling multiple micronations, so he decided to consolidate his power and combine the territories.

Re-entry into Almendria and creation of discord server

Flag of the USR

Following Terry McKeen being removed from his position as sole ruler of Almendria, Malus re-entered the union. Quickly, Luci became the primary financial backbone of Almendria, funding its free speech Discord alternative, AlmChat, and sponsoring giveaways for the Almendrian Discord server. Encouraged by Tizian, Luci created an official Discord server for the State of Malus, where a better connection between citizens and government could be created.

In August of 2022, former leader of Almendria, Kazzi, frequently made changes to the government, destabilizing it. Kazzi changed the USR into a fascist "reich", prompting Tizian to argue with him over the changes despite him formerly retiring as leader a few days ago. Kazzi's continued derailment of the government caused Tizian to nuke his own Discord server, establishing a new one and causing Almendria to have a temporary, provisional government.

Gibson Administration

On September 9, 2022, Luciferio was succeeded as Visser of Malus by Henry Gibson after an ultimatum set by Terry McKeen stated Malus would be invaded otherwise. Under Gibson Malus has seen new growth with Henry adding four new administrative regions to Malus. Gibson also ended the Veterans Park War by signing a ceasefire agreement with Chancellor Fred.[12]

On September 22, Malus became independent from the USR. This resulted in Malus defeating Almendria and becoming fully independent from Almendria adding another great accomplishment to Goebbels administration.

Government reformation

On October 10, 2022, Gibson implemented Visser Order #1 and created a constitution for the State of Malus. The order was divided into five sections, each detailing how the government would go on to work. Prior to the order, the government was mostly improvised, with nothing written into law. The order is the first piece of legislation that passed in Malus. The order deals with a restructuring of the government, set to take place after Gibson resigns from office.

Coup and economic crisis
The economy of the State of Malus compared to the economy of the Republic of Malus after the latter's secession.

The 2022 Malusian Coup Attempt took place on November 12, when Luciferio attempted to seize control of the Malusian Vissership from incumbent Visser Henry Gibson. This resulted in multiple members of the ruling Hyperborean Party and Hyperborean Coalition to be kicked from the Malusian Discord server. For thirty minutes, a brief power vacuum was created, wherein Mickomik declared a new nation, the Republic of New Malus, where he would be president until stabilization. Before his permanent changes could be implemented however, Gibson stripped him of his power and re-invited the Hyperboreans. Additionally, non-Hyperboreans were kicked, essentially turning the State of Malus into a fascist regime under one party. Luciferio declared independence and continued the project of a new nation. The secession caused the already declining Malusian economy to completely falter, going totally broke, as profitable districts had left the State and gone into New Malus.


On the 15th of December 2022, Thomas Jacobs, the Sub-Visser of Malus at the time, declared that the State of Malus was dissolved, due to Visser Henry Gibson's absence from the State of Malus. After the Republic of Malus seceded from the State of Malus, Gibson became more and more inactive as a leader, causing the citizenry to have doubts regarding his allegiance to Malusians. This culminated after a stretch of ten days without a word from Gibson, leading Jacobs to declare the State of Malus officially dissolved. A day later, Gibson made his return, claiming that his Discord account was suspended and he was unable to act as Visser. He reversed the dissolution, but ultimately this did not improve things for the nation. A month after the original dissolution, Gibson officially confirmed to Mickomik that the State of Malus was defunct. This left the Republic of Malus as the sole legitimate successor state.

Government and diplomacy

The governmental hierarchy of Malus (c. June 2022)

State of Malus


The government of Malus was divided into three distinct government positions. The words "Visser" and "Sub-Visser" comes from the 1998 sci-fi book series Animorphs, by K.A. Applegate. In the series, a Visser is a rank in the Yeerk army, akin to a general.[13] Below them are Sub-Vissers.


The Visser of Malus was the head of state and has control over the entire micronation. The Visser was also commander of the Peoples' Civilian Militia of Malus, the armed forces of Malus. Sub-Vissers were the second in command and were expected to act as heads of state should the Visser be unable to do their job. There were three Sub-Vissers in Malus.


The advisory was the lawmaking body of the State. There were seven advisors in Malus, each possessing the ability to draft legislation. Their laws needed to be approved of by the majority of Sub-Vissers in order to pass. The Visser had the power to veto all laws. Advisors tended to form coalitions based around their ideologies, which caused conflict within the body.

Political Parties

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader Advisory Sub-Vissership
Hyperborean Malus League2.png
Hyperborean Malus League HML Inner earth theory, Hyperborean Nationalism Right-wing Henry Gibson
2 / 7
2 / 3
Left Hand Path Unity Party LHPUP Leftism, "LHP politics", environmentalism, secularism, utilitarianism, anti-Christofascism Left-wing Luciferio Mickomik
2 / 7
0 / 3
Nationalist Social Party of Malus flag.png Nationalist Social Party of Malus NSPOM Nationalism, Economic Nationalism, Socialism, Pan-Long Islandism, Pro-Hyperborean League Far Right Samuel W.
1 / 7
1 / 3
Parties of Malus without Advisory
Neo-Jucheist Party of Malus flag.jpg Neo-Jucheist Party of Malus NJPM Secularism, Totalitarianism, Ultranationalism, State Socialism, Isolationism Synetric Third Position Eryn Diaz
1 / 5
0 / 3
Flag of the Steelist-Zeonic league of Malus.png
Steelist-Zeonic League of Malus SZLM Environmentalism, Posthumanism, Anti-Federalism, Space Colonialism Right-wing Sean Mankowich
1 / 5
0 / 3
Logo of Femboy Party of Malus.png
Femboy Party of Malus FPM Femboy Freedom, Gay Liberation, LGBT Rights, Anti-Sex Shame, Free Love, Against Repression of Sexuality Left-wing Bibo Tektek
0 / 5
0 / 3
Monarchist League of Malus.jpg
Monarchist League of Malus MLM Monarchism Centrist King Riley of Smithtown
0 / 5
0 / 3
Humanist Party of Malus.png
Humanist Party of Malus NPPM Utopian Socialism Moderate left-wing "BasedShostakovich"
0 / 5
0 / 3

Foreign Relations


Macronational views of Malus (2021)
Macronational views of Malus (2022)

The state recognized and didn't recognize a variety of macronational states. For example, while Malus understood Israel controls of a large amount of land, it did not support their sovereignty due to their actions against Palestinians as well as religious and racial minorities.

Recognized Nations
Unrecognized Nations


The State of Malus recognized, has relations with, or denies recognition to several micronations. Some of the diplomatic relationships the State of Malus has had been in place since the Republic of Long Island. Notably, Malus refused recognition to a number of micronations, which has caused some controversy.

Vladastock Confederation

Going into April 2022, Malus began focusing on internal issues, such as establishing a more legitimate and functioning government and attempting to join the Vladastock Confederation as a member state. Talks with the leader of the confederation, William, began on 29 March 2022. Malus initially intended to join the confederation, but following internal conflict and the aforementioned grievances with the Long Island community, Malus instead shifted towards isolation and quelling conflict within its own borders.On the 11 of April, Luci contacted William to inform him that there would be a delay in joining, as he had not been receiving assistance from his advisory. On 4 May, he relayed to William that Malus would be abandoning plans to join the Vladastock Confederation, but still intended to join it in the future. The two parties understood and parted ways, with Malus recognizing the confederation officially as a show of good will.

Terrorist Organizations

The following states, groups, or ideological ideals had been declared terrorist organizations or terroristic threats by the State of Malus.

Districts of Malus

Malus is divided into seven administrative districts. Most of these regions are populated, but some are still undergoing a process of relocation.

District Location Population Area Date of Entry
Michahel North Carolina 2 0.979 acres 9/10/22
Davidus Rex 2 2.01 acres
Timotheos 1 0.891 acres
Gibsonia 6 0.968 acres
Montauk New York TBA 377.6 acres 7/14/21
Hillside Island 2.04 acres 5/13/21
Autonomous Satanic Region of Malus 25.5 acres 4/20/21-8/19/22
File:BlackmoreFlag.png Blackmore 9.30 acres 4/17/21
Whitemore 10.2 acres
Caravan 295 acres[better source needed] 4/1/21
File:NovumFlag.png Novum 146 acres 3/22/21



Symbol Name Image
Flag Flag of Malus Hyper Borean flag 3.png
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Malus
National animal Red wolf Red wolf.jpg
National anthem "Flags of Freedom"
National motto "Solve et Coagula"


National sport

The national sport of the State of Malus was professional wrestling. Since Luci was a child, he enjoyed watching and practicing the sport. Elements of wrestling can be seen throughout the state, with wrestling theme music a popular category in the confederation. On March 14, 2022, president Luci performed a scaled down Satanic Remembrance Ritual in response to the news that wrestling legend Scott Hall would be taken off of life support. He also decided to temporarily change the flag of Malus to one that recognized Scott's passing for a week of mourning.

National animal

There have been three national animals of Malus. First, it was a Red-tailed hawk, an animal synonymous with a main character from the Animorphs book series. The second national animal for the State of Malus was a black goat. The goat resembled the deity of Baphomet, which is a symbol similar to the Yin and Yang, representing balance and coexistence to Satanists. The third and last national animal was chosen by Visser Gibson, which is the red wolf.

National anthem

The national anthem of the Confederation of Malus is "flags of freedom", a marching song composed by John Philip Sousa in 1918. The anthem incorporates elements of the national anthems of five of the Entente Powers in WWI.


Religions in the Malus by percentage (2021)

Christianity and Judaism

Christianity and Judaism were major religions in the confederation, with at least five citizens practicing one or the other. The state does not endorse or promote a certain religion, however it does permit holidays associated with these two religions, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and Passover.


Satanism was a minor religion practiced in the State of Malus, and within Malus, a Satanic church exists, established in July 7, 2022.


Shrewism was a religion that is heavily influenced by (but not a denomination of) Christianity. Shrewism was founded in 2016 and spread throughout the area Malus occupies. The religion, first seen as a joke, was adopted by many people who would later become citizens of the confederation.

President Luci's Walpurgisnacht address.


Name Date Note
Legacy Day March 16 A holiday celebrating the Republic of Long Island and the legacy it left behind for Malus.
Independence Day March 22 Celebrating the independence of Malus.
Shrek Day April 1 Celebration of the life of Shrek.
Victory Over Elizabeth Day September 8-15 A holiday celebrating the end of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, de-colonialism, and pan-Africanism. The holiday lasts a week, similar to how other micros mourn for a week.
Halloween October 31 Celebration of inner "wickedness".
Christmas "Secular Christmas", celebrating loved ones.
Inner Earth Day September 12 A holiday celebrating the official recognition of inner earth theory in Malus.

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