State of Fadafeur

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The State of Fadafeur
Flag Fadafeur flag.jpg
Capital TN Fadafeur
Official language English
Cultural language of state Nanny Ogg French 
Founded October 17, 2009
Proper state established 12 November 2009
Location Pirnmill, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Permanent Population 0
Official Currencies Taigh a Bata Dollar ($), Pound Sterling (£)
President of Taigh a Bata Scott Harwood

Fadafeur was a state of Taigh a Bata, bordering one of its towns, the Car Park. It was (and its location stil is) the location of the Navy, as Taigh a Bata's only ship is kept here. It was semi-independent for nearly a month, until it was decided that it should become a proper state. It merged with the First Capital State to become the State of Abergolach on the 19th of Spetember 2011.