State of Dezisab

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State of Dezisab
Ke'rø seĵ Dezisab

DezisabFlag Old.png

Competent, Purposeful, and Ethical
Capital cityGesï'rab
Largest cityRütàr
Official language(s)Regrabetapek Rakwiktrab
- GovernorEmpty
EstablishedJuly 1st 2013
Area claimed2615.55 sq mi (6774.2 km2)
Time zoneEST

The State of Dezisab is a state in Huro-Atlantica. It has an total area of 2615.55 sq mi and has a population of 68,529, making it the smallest state in Huro-Atlantica by Population, and the Largest by Area.


The State of Dezisab traces it's roots back to the beginning of Bin Stü'òrd's venture into Micronationalism. In 2009, the Empire of Simlia was established, and portions of it were in the area that is now Dezisab. This is because the grandparents of President Stü’òrd had established a beautiful home in this region, one that he has visited at least once a year for his entire life. The Home at Dezisab is 2 stories, with a Finished Basement and an Attic. It has a large Swimming Pool, a Tennis Court, two Work Shacks, and an Extensive Agricultural Garden, along with a Balcony that overlooks Lake Adrian (Known as Grehow Ruiterb), and a Dock that one can sail across the lake from. The Home Also Neighbors a very large home with an Enormous Decorative Garden that spans approximately 4 acres. The owners of the property allow the occasional curious explorer to walk about in it. The President has done so with his younger cousins for Years.