State of Abergolach

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State of Abergolach

Capital cityThe Bedroom (La Dormoĉambro)
Official language(s)None (English, Taigh a Batan and Caran de facto)
GovernmentState of Taigh a Bata
- GovernorScott Harwood
Established15th June 2009 (as the First Capital State of Taigh a Bata)
CurrencyBritish Pound, Taigh a Bata Dollar

The State of Abergolach was created on the 15th of June 2009 as the First Capital State of Taigh a Bata. It only bordered the United Kingdom and was within 10 metres of McMillan. The state capital, The Bedroom, was also the de facto capital of Taigh a Bata.


The state was named (wrongly) after the supposed Gaelic name of the village of Pirnmill, Obar Gobhlach (it is actually Inbhir Gobhlach). Obar Gobhlach can be transliterated into 'Abergolach', hence the name.


The state comprised of all land that was once part of the First Capital State and Fadafeur.


The territory was split traditionally into five sections:

  • The Bedroom: the de facto seat of government and place of residency.
  • The Patio: the concrete patio outside The Bedroom.
  • The Paved Area: a small paved area where an old tractor belonging to the President is kept.
  • The Car Park: the private car park opposite the actual Taigh a Bata house.
  • Fadafeur: derived from the Scottish Gaelic terms for 'long' and 'grass', this is the largest territory of the state. It borders The Car Park and is the home of the Taigh a Bata Navy's vessel 'Brennan'.

Language and Culture

Abergolach had no official languages at the state level. The most commonly spoken language in Abergolach was English, but Taigh a Batan was occasionally spoken by roughly a third of the population. The state was home to several failed conlang attempts including Nanny Ogg French and Batakréyol.