State Anthem of the Free Socialist State of Paloma

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English: State Anthem of the PFQ
PFQ anthem sheetmusic.svg
Musical sheet of the anthem

National anthem of
the  Paloma

MusicAlexander Alexandrov

The "State Anthem of Paloma" is the national anthem of the Free Socialist State of Paloma. Its music composed by Alexander Alexandrov (1883–1946) and it uses the original music from the State Anthem of the Soviet Union.


United forever in friendship and labour

Our mighty Republics will ever endure

Our great Federation will live through the ages

The dream of a people, their fortune secure.

Long live our Quebecois Motherland,

Built by the People's mighty hand

Long live our People, united and free

Strong in our friendship, tried by fire.

Long may our Crimson Flag inspire

Shining in glory for all men to see!