Starland Revolution

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Starland Revolution
Starland flag.jpg
Date28 January 2011 - 3 February 2011
Result Federal Republic reclaims power and claims the victory while the Starland Empire is dissolved.

Republic of Starland

Starland Army.jpg Starland flag.jpg Starland Armed Forces.jpg

Starland People's Liberation Army

Starland Empire

Starland Empire.jpg Pacific Legion.jpg Starland Armed Forces.jpg Starland Imperial Army
Commanders and leaders

Starland People's Liberation Army

Starland Army.jpgGeneral Nik Hart (from January 30)

Starland flag.jpg Her Excellency Prime Minister Destiny Elmo

Starland Imperial Army

Pacific Legion.jpgStarland Empire.jpg Emperess Kristi (Captain of Starland Navy, Prime Minister (January 29–30)
Starland flag.jpg 8
Starland Empire.jpg 6

The Starland Revolution was a civil conflict in the Republic of Starland that was fought between the Starland People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Starland Imperial Army. The war began after a military coup, led by General Nik Hart overthrew the government wanting to establish a military junta to fix the ongoing political turmoil in the country. The Prime Minister, President, and Secretary of State were arrested (and later released) and the Senate suspended. The following morning, however, the General was overthrown in another coup which then took power and later that evening formed the Starland Empire. The General turned on the militia that turned on him by joining the exhiled federal republic and the SPLA. After several days of fighting, the Starland Imperial Army was defeated and the Emperess arrested. The SPLA moved to liberate the rest of the local territories while many other provinces simply dissolved and rejoined the United States or became colonies. This dramatically had an effect on Starland's population.



After the inauguration of Prime Minister Destiny Elmo and President Jessica Godinez, the government slipped into a two-week hiatus that left the nation teetering on the brink of collapse.


5th - Government and economy collapses. Starland Government forms military junta (Starland Federal Council for Reform).
10th - Government Reconvenes but with some problems


14th - Problems with Principality of Alhedreo lead to one day war between Starland-Kozuc forces and Alhedreo.
26th - General Hart secretly begins forming members of Starland's military together in a plan to overthrow the government in hopes of solving ongoing problems he believed had not been fixed.


Tensions over Slinky Empyre and internal conflicts begin to stir up the government.
27th - General Hart gives command to overthrow government the next day.


Battle for the Capital

This battle was a quick airsoft battle in Star City and the Capital District between the SPLA and Imperial troops designated to flush out the usurpers from the territory. Result is a SPLA victory and restoratin of the Republic, Imperial forces flee to Hart Province.

Battle of Hart Province An airsoft battle broke out at the Imperial Residence where the Emperess was sheltered. The residence is stormed and the Emperess is captured along with many of her supporters; SPLA victory.

Battle of Nut True Province Liberation of the Province by the SPLA storming the Governor's residence and flushing out the last remaining Imperial resistance in the local areas and SPLA victory


Some territories soon dissolved or revoked their citizenship. Some provinces become colonies due to having one citizen, if any at all. The federal republic regained its footing but formed a provisional government until the General Elections.

Star Pact

The Star Pact is the official treaty stating that the Starland Empire be dissolved and the Emperess give up her titles. Her and her supporters are required to serve their consequences for sparking the rebellion.