Starland-Berryessa War

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Starland-Berryessa War
Starland flag.jpgBerryessa flag.jpg
Date: 26 November 2010 - 28 November 2010
Place: People's Republic of Berryessa/Berryessa SAD and Republic of Starland
Result: Starlander victory; Starland captures Berryessan capital, Monticello, and places the Supreme Leader in protective custody. The People's Republic of Berryessa is dissolved
Starland flag.jpgStarland Armed Forces.jpgRepublic of Starland

Berryessa flag.jpgPeople's Republic of Berryessa and three rogue Starlanders

Starland flag.jpg Starland Armed Forces.jpg General Nik Hart
Berryessa flag.jpg Supreme Leader Ramon Godinez
Starland Armed Forces.jpg 7 .
Berryessa flag.jpg7
Starland Armed Forces.jpg 0
Berryessa flag.jpg all 7 arrested including the Supreme Leader

The Starland-Berryessa War was a conflict between the Republic of Starland and the People's Republic of Berryessa. The conflict began after the Berryessa Special Administrative District declared independence from Starland as a single-party socialist state. When Starland refused to recognize their indepedence, Berryessa invaded Starland's nearby, communist-centered Wooden Valley Province. After a small skirmish, Starland repelled the invasion. Two days later, Starland's leaders met with the Supreme Leader of Berryessa for negotiations. But the talks failed after a Berryessan soldier fired on the Starland Army, who were stationed down the road at a local school. The Starlanders chased the offending Berryessan back to Monticello, where they engaged the rest of the Berryessan People's Army and was later forced to retreat. They returned later in an attempt to capture Monticello from their southern border but were again repelled. The Starland Senate later called for war. The result was a tie that was broken when the President of Starland and the Supreme Leader's cousin, Jessica Godinez, voted in favor of military action. The Prime Minister was hesitant to act, but conceded to the Senate's decision.


On November 24, the Berryessa Special Administrative District declared independence and formed into a single-party socialist state led by Supreme Leader (former Chief Executive) Ramon Godinez, taking a government form similar to that of the Soviet Union and North Korea. Starland refused to recognize their sovereignty and Berryessa invaded one of their provinces. After being defeated, talks were held two days later. However, talks failed after Berryessa attacked Starland and war was declared.


  • November 24: Berryessa declares independence. Starland does not accept and Berryessa invades Starland.
  • November 26: Talks are held between Starland's leaders and the Berryessan dictator. Talks fail when fire is exchanged between the two nations' militaries; Starland later declares war.
  • November 27: Three Wooden Valley citizens, who previous caused problems for Starland before, join the Berryessan cause strengthening their numbers to seven. Berryessa gains new territory in Battle of the Vineyards.
  • November 28: The BPA attacks the People's Palace, the Wooden Valley Provincial capital building, and later repelled. Berryessan capital invaded and captured by Starland. Supreme Leader Ramon Godinez and members of the BPA captured, Berryessa occupied and the People's Republic dissolved.


First Battle of Monticello

Skirmish that was officially declared the opening shots of the war at the Berryessan capital; Berryessan victory.

Battle of the Vineyards

Invasion by the Berryessa People's Army into Wooden Valley Province forced the Starland Army into an engagement in a grape vineyard. Despite attemptes to ambush the BPA, the leafy vegetation provided partial coverage preventing Starland advance. Starland was forced to retreat ending in another Berryessan victory.

Battle of People's Palace

Surprise attack by the Berryessans on the Wooden Valley Provincial capital building, the People's Palace. The battle ensued for ten minutes before chasing the Berryessan forces to a winery across the street. After half an hour, General Nik Hart's forces repelled the BPA and secure the area around the People's Palace; Starlander victory.

Second Battle of Monticello

Final battle of the war. Starlander offensive against the Berryessans at their capital, Monticello. Starland Army surrounded and stormed the capital, capturing the members of the Berryessan People's Army and placing Supreme Leader Ramon Godinez in protective custody. General Nik Hart of the Starland Army officially took command of Berryessa and declared it to be under Starland occupation and direct jurisdiction; Starlander victory