Stamatios, Co-Emperor of Imvrassia

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Stamatios Augustus
Συμβασιλεύς Σταμάτιος
junior co-emperor of Imvrassia

Co-Emperor of Imvrassia
Reign 1st 14 January 2017 – 20 November 2018 (as King), 2nd 1 November 2019 -
Predecessor Queen Aikaterini
Heir apparent Caesar Stamatios
Spouse Pansebaste Aikaterini of Imvrassia
House House of Imvrassia
Born 12 December 1955 (1955-12-12) (age 65)
Hellenic Republic Flag of Greece.png
Religion Greek Orthodox

Stamatios of Imvrassia is junior co-emperor of Imvrassia.


In the Greek alphabet, the time is written as Σταμάτιος Α' which is properly transliterated as Stamatios I. The letter 'A' after the name identifies the numbering of the Monarch.

Micronational life

His Majesty have an active role in the politics of the State.
Stamatios began his micronational career as an advisor of the Crown and as Governor of the Province of Vlamaria with the title of the Grand Duke of Imvrassia since the foundation of the state. He was promoted as Governor-General of the Province of Vlamaria from 5 October 2013 and became Prime Minister of Imvrassia from 20 May 2014 until 1 December 2015. He was promoted to the rank of Magistros on 3 October 2015 and to the rank of Caesar of Imvrassia on 1 December 2015. At the same day he was named as Co-Prince of Imvrassia, after a decision of the then Prince of Imvrassia, Aggelos I and served as deputy head of state until 31 January 2016.
On 1 April 2016 after a decision of the Imvrassian monarch, he was named as Co-King of Imvrassia and was appointed again as deputy head of state. On 14 January 2017 the Council of Ministers proclaimed Caesar Stamatios as King of Imvrassia and joint Monarch alongside with Queen Aikaterini. On 19 August 2018 Queen Aikaterini abdicate from the throne and so King Stamatios remain sole monarch. On 20 November 2018 at an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet, it was decided to replace the King Stamatios as he did not respond to his duties. The Crown was offered to Princess Aikaterini and after her positive answer she returned to the throne.
After his abdication as King, the Crown was given to him the title of Magistros and appointed him as Eponymous Archon of Vlamaria and οn 25 February 2019 as Mesazon, ie Head of the Government. On 1 November 2019, the Queen returned briefly to her duties and decided to share the throne with her grandfather, Magistros Stamatios, whom he proclaimed King. It was followed a Regent's decision, according to which Queen Aikaterini and King Stamatios were named Titular Kings without a real power, retaining only the royal title. On 1 January 2020 Imvrassia proclaimed to the status of an Empire and Stamatios assumed the title of Emperor and the official address of Perpetuus Augustus. On 24 December 2020 Emperor Stamatios in the context of the changes of the Imvrassian Monarchy, honorably revoked from the the rank of Emperor and he received the title of Symbasileus, ie junior co-emperor, maintaining his honorary position but without executive powers and responsibilities.

Official title

His Majesty Stamatios, Co-Emperor of Imvrassia and Augustus
Η Αυτού Μεγαλειότης Σταμάτιος, Συμβασιλεύς της Ιμβρασίας και Αύγουστος


Coat of Arms of Basileus Autokrator.png As Co-Emperor of Imvrassia.

Imperial Standard of Imvrassia.jpg In His capacity as Co-Emperor.

Αυτοκράτορας Σταμάτιος.png Personal Arms of the Co-Emperor Stamatios.

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