Stadium Protests 2016

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Stadium Protests 2016
Date6 October 2016 - 15 October 2016
  • Organisators of the law have rescinded the law.
CoriaFlag.png Coria
Serbica.png Serbica
Flag of Serbia.png Serbian citizens
Flag of Serbia.png OS "Nikola Tesla" Ritopek
Commanders and leaders
CoriaFlag.png Nikola I
Serbica.png Dejan I
Flag of Serbia.png Milos Lukic
Flag of Serbia.png Mica Bastovanovic
Flag of Serbia.png Nenad Stojanovic
CoriaFlag.png 2
Serbica.png 1
Flag of Serbia.png 5
Flag of Serbia.png 4

The Stadium Protests 2016 was the protest against the "Stadium Law".

Stadium Law

The "Stadium Law" is made to prevent disturbings of the students in the school. Law allows to you can only enter stadium when having a Physical Education and at weekends. That means that Corian National Futsal Team is able to play only at weekends. Corian Nikola I organised a protest against the law, in order to put pressure on the organisators of the law and make them rescind the law.


6 October 2016 (Day 1) - Protesters were attacked by the organisators of the stadium twice, to show they do not care about the law, protesters played Futsal.

7 October 2016 (Day 2) - Peaceful protest. No sides clashed.

8 October 2016 (Day 3) - Corian National Futsal Team had match against Kaluđerica U15 team. Crowd was shouting 'Rescind the law!'.

9 October 2016 (Day 4) - Peaceful protest. No sides clashed.

10 October 2016 (Day 5) - Peaceful protest. No sides clashed.

11 October 2016 (Day 6) - Clash between sides.

12 October 2016 (Day 7) - Peaceful protest. No sides clashed.

13 October 2016 (Day 8) - Clash between sides.

14 October 2016 (Day 9) - Peaceful protest. No sides clashed.

15 October 2016 (Day 10) - Organisators of the law surrendered and have rescinded a law.