Quebecois State and Public University

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Quebecois State and Public University
MottoSocialisme travers éducation (French)
Motto in EnglishSocialism through education
EstablishedApril 12, 2019 (2019-04-12)
TypePublic catholic university
PresidentAidan McGrath
Location, P.F. Quebec
Former namesSt Longinus's University (12 April 2019 - 2 November 2019)
School coloursRed, white and blue
WebsiteOfficial website

The Quebecois State and Public University, also commonly known as QSPU is a public research university in P.F Quebec, with campuses located in Citadelle. QSPU is the only institution of education located within the People's Federation of Quebec. The university was founded by the now-president, Aidan McGrath.


The university counts one support, known in the university's nomenclature as "schools", each of which offers degrees in numerous related fields.

  • QSPU's Support of Design
  • QSPU's Support of Vexillology
  • QSPU's Support of Theology
  • QSPU's Support of Socialist Studies

Notable graduates


  1. Two student enrolled, Jack Morris, Leon Montan and Zarel I