St.Nicholas Pact

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The St.Nicholas pact is a pact between Communist Micronations to help support each other in the micronational community. It was founded by Ewan Whitmore on the 10th of Feburary 2011.

St.Nicholas pact
St.nicholas pact.png

Official language(s)English
Established10 February 2011
Inter-Micronational Organization


  • Micronations must be Communist
  • You have to visit MicroWiki/OAM regularly
  • If a revolution against Communism occurs others in the pact must assist the governing body
  • Signed nations must provide diplomatic support to other signed nations in dispute with other nations, and act as mediators should a dispute arise within member nations.

Member nations

Valnorgrad no more

Valnorgrad has left the OAM. Along with the government restructuring into a full Stratocratic regime and dropping most Communist policies withing the state the terms of the pact have been breached. Therefore under the rules of such pact the nation of now Valnor has respectfully withdrew from agreement. This move was not meant as a act against Dallingrad or Communism in general, but simply carrying out a act of compliance with regulations.

"Our nation may have transitioned into a new form but this is only to better ourselves and allow ourselves to serve the needs of our nation better. We are still behind Dallingrad and its Communist government 100%. Communism will always be a part of our history and we will not forget it, the Communist insignia is still worn to this day in the military. We still support the Hammer&Sickle!"RedFlight Scotsman