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Sports in Mouzilo constitute a significant part in the culture of Mouzilo, with many athletic activities followed by the majority of the population. Among the favourite sports, Association football is the most popular, followed by Basketball, American football, Handball, and Tennis. In addition, Mouzilo is home to the sport of Penball, and is so far the only nation practicing it. Traditional olympic sports like Track and field, Marathon, and Cycling are also followed and are part of the Mouzeliot Games taking place each summer.


Football is the most popular sport in Mouzilo, with many of the international tournaments followed by the majority of the population. Among foreign tournaments, the Greek Superleague, Italian Serie A and the UEFA Champions League receive the most attention.

Domestically, and due to the lack of territory and population, Mouzilo's premier football league, the A Ethniki (1st National), is strictly virtual and simulated on PES, a game which allows room for customisation. Other than the top flight, Mouzilo also organises the B Ethniki (2nd National), the 2nd Division under the 1st National. Teams from both divisions compete in the Cup of Mouzilo, and achieving to win both the A Ethniki and the Cup during the same season is known as achieving a "double". In the occassion that different teams win the League and the Cup respectively, they contest against each other in the Super Cup, which takes place a week before the next season begins.


Basketball is the second most followed sport in Mouzilo, with its teams achieving international successes: Mouzilo Eagles, the country's most successful team, was crowned the Micronational Champion in 2014 and is the current title holder. Mouzilo considers its national league, the B-League, the premier basketball league in the micronational world, through its MicroLeague and AshuLeague ancestry. Like all the aforementioned leagues, the B-League is virtual-only.

Gridiron football

Unlike in neighboring Greece, American football is popular in Mouzilo. Both the NFL and AAF are followed by a great number of citizens, in contrast with College football which is not equally popular.

In 2019 Mouzilo announced the creation of MFL, Mouzilo's virtual American football league. Most of the teams in A Ethniki and B-League are expected to participate in this newly formed league, set to begun in March that year.