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Spireland is a micronation founded on 13 December 2015 by Ben Smith

Etymology: The name Spireland is derived from the Crooked Spire of Chesterfield, the town in which the nation is situated. The Flag also contains the crooked spire.

History: The country was originally a monarchy, with Ben Smith becoming King Ben I. However, in 2016, it was decided the monarchy would be scrapped, and Smith was elected the new Prime Minister of Spireland.

Economy: The Country decided to keep the UK pound sterling, however a debate has been scheduled on this issue.

Culture: The Country has a big interest in music, with the band Green Day being particularly popular in Spireland. Football is the country's national sport.

Media: The Country has one television network, called Spireland TV, which broadcasts through YouTube.

Capital city Sanforth

Largest city Sanforth

Official language(s) English

Prime Minister Ben Smith

Established 2015

Population 1

Currency UK Pound Sterling

Time zone (UTC)

National sport Football (Soccer)

Spireland TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzjL9nI2KY7Q7iBm-7TRSw