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Cool Barbie

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ATP episodes
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie Minisodes'''
| align="left" | '''[ Moonita]''' - Now in the body of Corporal Barbie, Moonita is crowned Queen of the toys to replace Emily II, who was killed by the Troll Leader during Wisealise's takeover of the Land. However, Xeaphon promises that he will find a way to restore her to her human body.<br>'''Xeaphon''' - ''to be released''<br>'''Colin''' - ''to be released''
| align="left" | 1 January 2015<br>''25 April 2015''<br>''1 September 2015''
| align="left" | Three mini-episodes to be published over 2015 to mark the tenth anniversary of the franchise, showing Moonita, Xeaphon, and Colin in the aftermath of the events of CB.VIII.
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