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Grand Duchy of St. Konstantin

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{{Infobox nation 2
|name =
{{Collapsible list|title=<center>Grand duchy Duchy of St. Konstantin</center>
|liststyle= text-align:center|1=
<small>Демократическая Республика Сомстер ''(Russian)''
|government = Direct-Democratic Constitutional Duchy
|head of government = Prime Minister
|head of state = Grand dukeDuke
|3rd_h =
|hog_name = Sebastian Schriber
|area =
|population = 23
|currency = Ashukov denar Ѥ (ѤPound, Euro)
|time_zone = GMT
|nat_animal = Eagle
|date_format = D/M/Y}}
St. Konstantin, officially the '''Grand Duchy of St. Konstantin''', is a small European state of the [[Tsardom of Ashukovo]]. Originally the two nations Akharnes and Somster, they merged to form the state on the date of the Tsardom's founding, after the collapse of the [[Ashukov Federation]]. It is governed in a bicameral system and uses a form of absolute monarchy. In regards to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini system the state is a low end 'fith world' micronation. St. Konstantin is also a member and founder of the Micronational Orthodox Cooperative and was formerly a constituent state of St. Luke and Amager.  St. Konstantin is generally a serious micronation, and takes elements of historical simulation from the Byzantine Empire and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. On the creation of the Ashukov Tsardom, Eastern Orthodoxy was elevated to an official religion.

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