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History of Austenasia

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Premiership of Lord Admiral Kennedy
The premiership of [[Sir Joseph Kennedy|Lord Admiral Kennedy]] - who would serve as Austenasia's longest-running Prime Minister (from March 2015 to February 2020, just short of five years), would be marked by several significant constitutional reforms within the Empire, such as the four amendments passed via the [[2018 Austenasian Constitutional Referendum]], which established Christianity as the official state religion of the Empire (with the requirement of the Emperor to be a baptised trinitarian Christian), established the [[Senate of Austenasia|Senate]], defined marriage as between a man and a woman and made the Deputy Prime Minister appointed by the Prime Minister. Kennedy would further strengthen the office and scope of the premiership by ensuring that cabinet members were appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister, rather than directly by the Emperor. Kennedy would also be directly responsible for the recreation of the [[Imperial Navy]], although it would be once again abolished following the secession of New Virginia. The Kennedy Premiership would oversee a large expansion in the territorial scope of the Empire, with seventeen new territories being annexed to the Empire in some capacity, while 15 territories would be lost, including several formerly significant parts of the Empire, such as [[Thanasia]] and [[Zephyria]] - a key site of the [[Austenasian Civil War]], through the [[Empire of Austenasia Act 2017]].
Kennedy was also the first Prime Minister to operate his own website,<ref>[ Office of the Prime Minister] Retrieved 22 December 2020</ref> although this does not seem to have been updated past late 2015. Other prominent achievements during Kennedy's premiership include the establishment of both the [[Ministry for Culture (Austenasia)|Ministry for Culture]] and [[Ministry of Justice (Austenasia)|Ministry of Justice]], with [[Adam I of Überstadt|Lord Adam von Friedeck]] serving as Austenasia's first [[Attorney General (Austenasia)|Attorney General]]. Furthermore, the Kennedy premiership oversaw the final resolution of the [[2014 New South Scotland crisis|New South Scotland Crisis]], with Austenasian _de facto_ ''de facto'' authority being restored over the territory in September 2016, with Sir Hugh McFarlane appointed as Governing Commissioner.<ref>[ New South Scotland Returned to Austenasian Administration] ''Austenasian Times'', Retrieved 16 January 2021</ref>
It could be argued therefore that the Kennedy premiership was instrumental in the development of modern Austenasian identity - the loss of once key territories around Carshalton such as [[Zephyria]], compounded by the growing transcontinental nature of the Empire and the various constitutional reforms enacted under his tenure resulted in an Empire far more wedded to its sense of Roman identity and outlook and less centered around its historical base in the [[Carshalton Sector]]. The role of the Prime Minister - which had become more of a supportive role under the tenure of Countess Eritoshi, once again took on a more active and executive role in Austenasian politics, which became substantially more democratized under Kennedy. Throughout his tenure - and especially in his later years, Kennedy would become increasingly socially liberal in outlook, arguably causing a degree of friction between himself and and an Empire that was becoming more culturally conservative, ultimately leading to his desire to split from the Empire altogether.
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