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Prince Nathan of Florenia

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'''The Prince Nathan''' <small>[[Order of Honor|KH]] [[Florenian National Order|KCFN]] [[Order of the Founder|KCF]]</small> is the founder, incumbent [[Prime Minister of Florenia|Prime Minister]] and [[w:heir apparent|heir apparent]] to [[Monarchy of Florenia|the throne]] of the [[Kingdom of Florenia]]. After founding Florenia in early 2011, Nathan stumbled upon [[MicroWiki]] and began to govern single handedly. He named his father, now [[Eran of Florenia]], [[Monarchy of Florenia|King]] and appointed himself [[Prime Minister of Florenia|Prime Minister]] and interim [[Parliament of Florenia|Member of Parliament]] for Afula in order to form a government. Nathan earned his first electoral mandate when he defeated his younger brother [[Prince Henry of Florenia|Prince Henry]] by default in the [[Florenian general election, 2011|general election of 2011]], and since securing a majority of the vote in the subsequent [[Florenian general election, 2013|2013 election]], he has remained Prime Minister. to the passage of the Parliament Act 2012, he was confirmed as Member of Parliament with three fifths of the vote. He was confirmed by Eran to seek reelection to both offices in the [[Florenian general election, 2014|2014 general election]], but it never occurred, and he has continued to govern unopposed.
During his lengthy tenure as Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, Prince Nathan has developed the entire system of government of Florenia and centralized control of the state. No serious opposition has ever been leveled against his government or any part of his political program. He also serves as [[Foreign Ministry (Florenia)|Foreign Minister]], Chief Herald in the [[College of Arms (Florenia)|College of Arms]], and as a colonel in the [[Florenian Royal Army]]. He is also editor and operator of ''[[The Florenian Journal]].

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