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United Provinces of Natlin

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===Micronational YouTube Community (2018-2020)===
====North Divine War====
After the unjustified declarations of war on the [[Kingdom of the Saugeen]], the [[Federal States of Delphia]], the [[United Ocean States]], and the [[Republic of South Divine]] made by the [[North Divine| People's Republic of North Divine]], Natlin promptly along with [[2nd Republic Of East Michigan|East Michigan]] and the [[Buckeye Republic]] declared war on North Divine. The conflict lasted from 10 July 2019, up until 22 August 2019 after defeating the North Divine armed forces at the [[Battle of Learton]].
The United Provinces of Natlin has foreign relations with the following nations:
*[[File:New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png|25px]] [[Great Lawl Reich]]
*[[File:Tueoedeth.jpg|25px]] [[Republic of Tueoedeth]]
*[[File:SaspearianFlag.jpg|25px]] [[Saspearian]]
*[[File:Driez Flakt feåm 2018.png|25px]] [[Drietsland]]
*[[File:Republic Of Williamsburg.png|25px]] [[Republic of Williamsburg]]
*[[File:Faltree.png|25px]] [[Faltree]]
*[[File:PacificaFlag.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Pacifica]]
Nations that Natlin recognizes as sovereign Countries:
*[[File:Flag_of_the_United_Nations.png|25px]] All UN Member and Observer States
*[[File:Flag of the Republic of China.svg|25px]] [[w:Taiwan|Taiwan]]
*[[File:Flag of Sealand.svg|25px]] [[Principality of Sealand]]
===Defunct Nations/Alliances===
Nations that Natlin recognized or had relations with, defunct or not:
*[[File:BonumlandFlag.png|25px]] [[Republic of Bonumland]]
*[[File:Flag (29).png|25px]] Astain
*[[File:RepublicAuroraflag.png|25px]] [[Republic of Aurora]]
*[[File:Mativati flag.png|25px]] [[Republic of Mativati]]
*[[File:PRSflag.jpeg|25px]] [[Parliamentary Republic of Stedfast]]
*[[File:Union of Mountain States.png|25px]] [[Union Of Mountain States|Union of Mountain States]]
*[[File:UnitedOceanStates.jpg|25px]] [[United Ocean States]]
*[[File:NewF.jpg|25px]] [[The Buckeye Republic|Buckeye Republic]]
*[[File:FederationofEastMichigan.PNG|25px]] Federation of East Michigan
*[[File:Delphia.png|25px]] [[Federal States of Delphia]]
*[[File:Saugeen Flag.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of the Saugeen]]
*[[File:Fixed Malinovian Flag.png|25px]] [[State of Malinovia]]
*[[File:Green Hills Current Flag.png|25px]] [[Re-United Provinces of the Green Mountains|Green Mountain Republic]]
*[[File:HOUSEISTAN.png|20px]] [[Houseistan]]
===Alliances and Organizations===
Organizations/Alliances that Natlin was in.
*[[File:MAFLAG2020.png|25px]] [[Micronational Assembly]]
*[[File:FloridaStatesPirates.png|25px]] [[Tungsten Pact]]
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