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Charles Ross

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| name = <small>[[w:His Grace|His Grace]]</small><br>'''Charles Ross'''<br><small>KNI, COD, CUBMC, KStP, KCW, CAO, KOB, GCV</small>
| image = Charles Pic.jpg
| caption =
* [[File:Flag of Hrafnarfjallv3.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall]] - His Highness, Margrave of Phokland
* [[File:HREflag.png|25px]] [[Holy Roman Empire]] - His Highness, Prince Elector of Phokland
* [[File:Rosemia.png|25px]] [[Empire of Rosemia]] - His Grace, Duke of Rosslandia
* [[File:Rosemia.png|25px]] [[Empire of Rosemia]] - His Serene Highness, Prince of Elba
* [[File:Flag of the Sovereign Order of Saint Chad 2020.svg|25px]] [[Sovereign Order of Saint Chad]] - Sir, Knight
* [[File:WyvernFlagImproved.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Wyvern]] - Sir, Knight
* [[File:WyvernFlagImproved.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Wyvern]] - The Right Honourable, Lord
* [[File:Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg|25px]] [[Grand Republic of Cycoldia]] - His Highness, Earl of Hitchcock
* [[File:Flag of Naveria.svg|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Naveria]] - His Grace, Viscount of Arcelia
* [[File:Flag of Naveria.svg|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Naveria]] - Sir, Grand Croix of the Order of Varconia
** [[File:Flag of Rosemia.svg|25px]] [[Seigneurie of Rosemia]] - His Grace, Duke of Rosslandia
| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Ribbon bar of a Knight of Saint Patrick.svg|x30px]][[File:Ribbon bar of the Order of William I.svg|x30px]][[File:St. Anne's Brotherhood.png|x30px]]
| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Medal Y7.png|x30px]][[File:Medal Y5.png|x30px]][[File:OV Ribbon 2.svg|x30px]]|-| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Ribbon of the Cycoldian New Years 4.svg|x30px]][[File:Knight Grade Ribbon of SOGH.svg|x30px]]
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" align="center" style="margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background:white; border: 2px #a2a9b1 solid; border-collapse: collapse; display:inline-block;"

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