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|[[w:First-past-the-post voting|First-past-the-post]]
|1 year
| rowspan="2" |[[File:Molco_flag.png|25px|border]][[Molco]]
| rowspan="2" |[[Quorum of PartyKnowledge for All's Legislative Function]]
|[[Quorum of Party]]
| rowspan="2" |[[w:Unicameralism|Unicameral]] or Bicameral (When called Quorum and Consultative Conference together)
| rowspan="Inargurated the Oath of Five|Life tenure or disqualified by Supreme Courth|13 Plenipotentiary members, 2" Honorary members|-|[[Knowledge for All's Consultative Council]]|
*Appointed by Regent of Quorum after taking the oath (Plenipotentiary faction)
*Appointed by Regent of Quorum (Honorary faction)
*Rightful Citizenship (Commons faction)
| rowspan="2" |When cabinet called the ending term or call the ending term by Regent of Quorum| rowspan="2" |12 * 13 Plenipotentiary members, 2 Honorary members (for Quorum of Party and KfA's Consultative Council),  * 20 Common members (for KfA's Consultative Council only)|-|[[Knowledge for All's Consultative Council]]
|[[File:Flag of Nedland.png|25px|border]] [[Nedland]]

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