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Nemkhav Federation

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Under the leadership of [[Marka Mejakhansk]], the Federation and its predecessors have followed his "[[Policy of Peaceful Existence]]" - a collection of ideals and laws that have seen Nemkhavia mediate many disputes and generally shy away from any conflict. Under this policy, the Federation has promoted peace above all things and abhors violence of all kinds unless in absolute self-defence, and even this is heavily regulated. Currently, Nemkhavia does not possess a Defense Force and is constitutionally forbidden from doing so.
In its time, Nemkhavia has been a prominent part of many micronational organisations, including the [[Organisation of Active Micronations]], the [[Grand Unified Micronational]] and, the disbanded Inter-Micronational Union. Nemkhavia is was well-regarded by the member nations of the IMU, and so it happened that in late June 2011, Nemkhav First President, [[Marka Mejakhansk]] was also elected President of the IMU. As of 2020, the Nemkhav Federation remains a member of the [[GUM]] and is pursuing full membership of the [[Cupertino Alliance]], having gained observer status in November 2020.

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