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Charles Ross

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{{infobox official 2
| name = <small>[[w:His Grace|His Grace]]</small><br>'''Charles Ross'''<br><small>KNI, COD, CUBMC, KStP, KCW, CAO, KOB, GCV</small>
| image = Charles Pic.jpg
| caption =
| office 4 = [[Commissioner of Bregusland]]
| assumed/in 4 = In
| date 4 = 14 March [[2019]] - ''Incumbent''7 December [[2020]]
| hos 4 = [[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch]]
| hos name 4 = [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]
| predecessor 4 = ''Office established''
| successor 4 = ''IncumbentOffice abolished''
| office 5 = [[North Dracul|1st Lieutenant Governor of North Dracul]]
| assumed/in 5 = In
| date 5 = 22 April [[2020]] - ''Incumbent''7 December [[2020]]
| hos 5 = Governor
| hos name 5 = [[Eric Harvey Williams, Jr]]
| predecessor 5 = ''Office established''
| successor 5 = | office 6 = [[Commonwealth of Dracul|2nd Bran House Press SecretaryLuke Gauthier]]| assumed/in 6 = In| date 6 = 2 July [[2020]] - ''Incumbent''| hos 6 = President| predecessor 6 = [[Farren Friedell]]| hos name 6 = [[Dmitri Howie]]| successor 6 =
| office 7 = [[Attorney General (Austenasia)|3rd Attorney General of Austenasia]]
| assumed/in 7 = In
| date 7 = 16 November [[2020]] - ''Incumbent''6 December [[2020]]
| hos 7 = Emperor
| predecessor 7 = [[Manolis Afentoulis, Duke of Thessalia|Manolis Afentoulis]]
| hos name 7 = [[Jonathan Austen|Jonathan I]]
| successor 7 = [[Anthony Clark]]| office 8 = [[w:United States Secretary of the Interior|2nd Dracul Secretary of the Interior]]| assumed/in 8 = In| date 8 = 7 December [[2020]] - ''Incumbent''| hos 8 = President| predecessor 8 = [[Amber Friedley]]| hos name 8 = [[Dmitri Howie]]| successor 8 =
| birthdate = 30 January
| citizenship = {{ubl|{{Flaglist|Empire of Austenasia}}|{{Flaglist|Dracul}}|{{Flaglist|Hrafnarfjall}}|{{Flaglist|United States}}}}
| Religion = Roman Catholicism
| spouse =
| branch = Dracul Army
| serviceyears = 2020 - ''Current''
| rank = 1st LieutenantCaptain
| unit =
| commands =
'''Lord Charles Aelred Raphael Ross, Duke of Occidentia, Margrave of Phokland''' is an [[Austenasia|Austenasian]]-a [[Dracul|Draculian]] [[Micronationalist]], [[w:Politician|Politician]], [[MicroRamble|Media Host]] and [[MicroWikiAustenasia|Wiki EditorAustenasian]] nobleman who has held numerous positions within the micronational community, with prominent ones including, [[State President of Phokland|State President]] of the [[Phoklandian Free State]], [[Commissioner of Bregusland|Governing Commissioner]] of [[Bregusland|Bregusland Colony]], [[Official Historian (Austenasia)|Official Historian]] of the [[Empire of Austenasia]], [[Foreign Office (Austenasia)|Austenasian Consul in Arizona]], [[w:Press Secretary|Draculian Presidential Press Secretary]], [[Attorney General (Austenasia)|Attorney General of Austenasia]] and , [[w:Lieutenant Governor|Lieutenant Governor]] of [[North Dracul]]and Dracul Secretary of the Interior.
Through his micronational carrier career (spanning as far back as 2007), Charles has gained a small amount attention through his leading role in establishing several micronational-themed media platforms, including; [[Television Territory]], [[Phokland News Network]], [[Television Graustark]] and his most notable platform, [[MicroRamble]], a micronational commentary and current events program he operates with fellow micronationalist, [[Thomas Bainbridge]].
==Early life==
=== Austenasia ===
While a part of Phokland, Charles began associating with other micronations, notably the [[Empire of Austenasia]] where he became the nation's Official Historian, Council to Arizona and, Commissioner of the [[Austenasian Crown Dependency]] of [[Bregusland]]. Over time, however, he began drifting away from Austenasia and began to focus more on his primary project, that being Phokland and later, Dracul.
=== Dracul ===
He continued with Phokland until early 2020 when a split in the government caused the nation to dissolve, leaving Charles stateless. Shortly after Phokland's dissolution, he was approached by Vice President of the [[Commonwealth of Dracul]], [[Stephen Luke]] with the proposition of him becoming the new Lieutenant Governor of [[North Dracul]](a position he held until December of 2020 when he resigned after a spat with North Dracul's Governor [[Eric Harvey Williams, Jr|Eric Williams]]). Ross accepted the offer and shortly thereafter assumed office on 22 April 2020. In his time as Lieutenant Governor, Ross has helped to streamline the state's executive office and created North Dracul's first official website.
After taking office, Charles began dedicating the majority of his time to Dracul, subsequently taking the additional responsibilities of becoming the Commonwealth's ''de facto'' chief marketing adviser, the Dracul Army's head recruiter(and later Commanding Officer), Deputy Secretary of State, Draculian Ambassador to the [[Grand Republic of Cycoldia]] andthe [[w:United States of America|United States]], Press as well as Secretary for of the President's OfficeInterior. Through his numerous positions and heavy involvement in government affairs, Lord Charles has cemented himself as a prominent Draculian politician and adviser, with the latter being most visible through his relationship with the Vice President's Office. After leaving the office of North Dracul's Lieutenant Governor, Charles dedicated the bulk of his attention to his role as Secretary of the Interior and since taking office, has worked to streamline the department and create cadet agencies, such as the [[Land Administration Agency (Dracul)|Land Administration Agency]].
=== Community notoriety ===
* [[File:Flag of Hrafnarfjallv3.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall]] - His Highness, Margrave of Phokland
* [[File:HREflag.png|25px]] [[Holy Roman Empire]] - His Highness, Prince Elector of Phokland
* [[File:Rosemia.png|25px]] [[Empire of Rosemia]] - His Grace, Duke of Rosslandia
* [[File:Rosemia.png|25px]] [[Empire of Rosemia]] - His Serene Highness, Prince of Elba
* [[File:Flag of the Sovereign Order of Saint Chad 2020.svg|25px]] [[Sovereign Order of Saint Chad]] - Sir, Knight
* [[File:WyvernFlagImproved.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Wyvern]] - Sir, Knight
* [[File:WyvernFlagImproved.png|25px]] [[Kingdom of Wyvern]] - The Right Honourable, Lord
* [[File:Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg|25px]] [[Grand Republic of Cycoldia]] - His Highness, Earl of Hitchcock
* [[File:Flag of Naveria.svg|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Naveria]] - His Grace, Viscount of Arcelia
* [[File:Flag of Naveria.svg|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Naveria]] - Sir, Grand Croix of the Order of Varconia
** [[File:Flag of Rosemia.svg|25px]] [[Seigneurie of Rosemia]] - His Grace, Duke of Rosslandia
| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Ribbon bar of a Knight of Saint Patrick.svg|x30px]][[File:Ribbon bar of the Order of William I.svg|x30px]][[File:St. Anne's Brotherhood.png|x30px]]
| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Medal Y7.png|x30px]][[File:Medal Y5.png|x30px]][[File:OV Ribbon 2.svg|x30px]]|-| colspan="4" align="center" |[[File:Ribbon of the Cycoldian New Years 4.svg|x30px]][[File:Knight Grade Ribbon of SOGH.svg|x30px]]
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" align="center" style="margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background:white; border: 2px #a2a9b1 solid; border-collapse: collapse; display:inline-block;"
!width=20% |[[File:Arms of the Duke of Occidentia.svg|center|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:House of Ross coa.png|center|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of Arms of Charles of Hitchcock.svg|150px]]
|<center>Coat of Arms in Austenasia<br>(2020 &ndash; present)</center>
|<center>Coat of Arms in Phokland/Graustark<br>(2019 &ndash; 2020)</center>
|<center>Coat of Arms in Cycoldia<br>(2020 &ndash; present)</center>
=== Micronationally ===
In a micronational context, Ross is staunchly [[w:monarchism|monarchist]] with a firm belief that a strong head of state helps a micronation develop further than it would with a loose electable government. Additionally, he believes that the pomp and pageantry that comes with a monarchy also helps to create a culture within the nation and helps to give it legitimacy.
{{Quote|Oh f*** me.|Charles Ross, [[2019]]}}
{{Quote|F*** it let's take over Greenland.|Charles Ross, [[2020]]}}
{{Quote|There is not a single quote attributed to me that does not contain the f word.|Charles Ross, [[2020]]}}
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*[ Personal website(defunct)]
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