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Charles Ross

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'''Lord Charles Aelred Raphael Ross, Duke of Occidentia, Margrave of Phokland''' is an [[Austenasia|Austenasian]]-[[Dracul|Draculian]] [[Micronationalist]], [[w:Politician|Politician]] and, [[MicroRamble|Media Host]] who has held numerous positions within the micronational community, with prominent ones including, [[State President of Phokland|State President]] of the [[Phoklandian Free State]], [[Commissioner of Bregusland|Governing Commissioner]] of [[Bregusland|Bregusland Colony]], [[Official Historian (Austenasia)|Official Historian]] of the [[Empire of Austenasia]], [[Foreign Office (Austenasia)|Austenasian Consul in Arizona]], [[w:Press Secretary|Draculian Presidential Press Secretary]], [[Attorney General (Austenasia)|Attorney General of Austenasia]] and [[w:Lieutenant Governor|Lieutenant Governor]] of [[North Dracul]].
Through his micronational carrier (spanning as far back as 2007), Charles has gained a small amount attention through his leading role in establishing several micronational-themed media platforms, including; [[Television Territory]], [[Phokland News Network]], [[Television Graustark]] and his most notable platform, [[MicroRamble]], a micronational commentary and current events program he operates with fellow micronationalist, [[Thomas Bainbridge]].

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