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Baustralian Army

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Originally called His Royal Army, it was renamed upon the amalgamation of [[His Royal Air Force]], becoming the Air Command, to better match the armies of Canada and the United Kingdom. The Air Command has since separated into HRAF again.
It was formed on 2 July 2017 by John I with Emily Day named the Chief of the General Staff. The only active units are the [[King's Grenadiers|1st Regiment "King's Grenadiers"]], [[Royal Rifles|2nd Regiment "Royal Rifles"]], and the 1st Field Ambulance.
Prior to Lieutenant general Watts appointment as Commander-in-Chief, Land Forces, the Baustralian Army was half the strength of His Royal Navy. With recruitment efforts by Watts, then the Provost Marshal (Army), the [[Royal Rifles Regiment]] was formed, and he was appointed CINCLAND.
== Structure ==

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