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Empire of Austenasia

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Members of the Government
| colspan = 2| '''Representative'''<br>The Hon. Payton Moore
| N/A[[File:Flag of Procyon.svg|border|100px]]| N/A[[File:Procyon CoA.svg|border|100px]]
| [[File:Procyon.png|border|100px]]
| [[Procyon]]
File:Gradonian president, June 2019.jpg|<center>'''[[William I of Gradonia|Lord William Wilson, Count of Oribrazos]]''':<br>[[Deputy Prime Minister of Austenasia|Deputy Prime Minister]]<br>[[Home Secretary (Austenasia)|Home Secretary]]<br>[[Nahona|Representative of Nahona]]<br>[[Jackson|Governor of Jackson]]</center>
File:20190720 125202 (1).jpg|<center>'''[[Austin Jaax|Lord Austin Jaax, Baron of Kingeston]]''':<br>[[Chancellor (Austenasia)|Chancellor]]<br>[[Kingeston|Representative of Kingeston]]</center>
File:Manolis Afentoulis PortraitRossCropped.pngjpg|<center>'''[[Manolis AfentoulisCharles Ross|Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Thessalia|HFM Basileus Emmanuel I & IIOccidentia]]''':<br>[[Bregusland|Governing Commissioner of Bregusland]]<br>[[Attorney General (Austenasia)|Attorney General]]<br>[[Official Historian (Austenasia)|Official Historian]]</center>
File:Premier.png|<center>'''[[Karl Friedrich|Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora]]''':<br>[[Minister of Digital Transformation (Austenasia)|Minister of Digital Transformation]]<br>[[Aurora|Governor of Aurora]]</center>
File:Ismetcansarac.jpg|<center>'''Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia''':<br>[[Chalcedon|Representative of Chalcedon]]</center>
File:AnthonyClark.png|<center>'''[[Anthony R Clark|Anthony Clark]]''':<br>[[Amerdansk|Governing Commissioner of Amerdansk]]</center>
File:Dionisiy.jpg|<center>'''[[Dionisiy I, Prince of Montescano|Alexander IV]]''':<br>[[Trebizond|Despot of Trebizond]]</center>
File:RossCropped.jpg|<center>'''[[Charles Ross|Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia]]''':<br>[[Bregusland|Governing Commissioner of Bregusland]]</center>
File:Noflag.png|<center>'''Yai Khadpo''':<br>[[Dinkeaw|Governing Commissioner of Dinkeaw]]</center>
File:Noflag.png|<center>'''Tara Oliynyk''':<br>[[Chersoneses|Governing Commissioner of Chersoneses]]</center>
Austenasia has [[Austenasians|a total population of one hundred and nine people]]. Eighty of these are residents actually living in Austenasia, and twenty nine are non-residential subjects who are entitled to vote in general elections and to hold the status of an Austenasian national despite not actually living within the Empire (due to having been granted the status by Parliament, having held the Throne, or performed military service). Those residents which are over the age of sixteen years and have lived on Austenasian land for more than three years (interpreted to include land which is currently Austenasian but has not necessarily been so for three years) hold the status of subject, meaning that they can vote in general elections and have more rights in regards to partaking in local government.
[[File:Honorarysubjects5Honorarysubjects6.png|thumb|right|Countries in which Austenasian Honorary Subjects reside]]
On 12 November 2008, Act 20 (Honorary Subjects) was passed, creating the status of [[Honorary Subject of Austenasia|Honorary Subjects]], to be bestowed by the Secretary-General on applicant non-Austenasians. The number of Honorary Subjects reached 100 on 5 May 2012 and 500 on 21 August 2020. There are currently {{AHS}} Honorary Subjects of Austenasia, residing in every continent on Earth other than Antarctica.

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