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<noinclude>==News articles==
''Edits below this line will appear in the newsfeed on the main page. '''There should be ten (10) articles''' in the newsfeed (no more or less). When adding a new article, delete the one at the bottom to ensure that there are ten. Only use one flag or logo to indicate the publisher. Please note that the link provided must go to a '''specific news article'''. Articles must be of a reasonable quality to be included on this list - poor quality articles '''will''' be deleted.'' Please do not capitalize all your words within your title.
</noinclude> *[[File:Flag of Aswington.png|25px]] 24 Oct - [ Aswington ratifies the Wrythe Convention]
*[[File:SaspearianFlag.jpg|25px]] 24 Oct - [ Saspearian's Response to the Tungsten-MACP War]
*[[File:WestSay.png|25px]] 22 Oct - [ King of Sayville announces honours list]
*[[File:Lurdentania.png|25px]] 15 Oct - [ Lurdentanian Times First News Report]
*[[File:Republic of Freedonia flag.png|25px]] 15 Oct - [ The Republic of Freedonia joins the Micronational community!]
*[[File:WestSay.png|25px]] 14 Oct - [ West Sayville granted GUM “observer state” status]

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