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Timeline of Lomellinian history

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[[File:Bandeira.png|thumb|right|230px|The Official Flag of the [[Principality of Lomellina]]]]
The following timeline covers the historical events of the [[Principality of Lomellina]] since it's secession to the present day.
* '''13 Aug''' - Lomellina gains membership in the '''[[Organization of Micronations]]'''.
[[File:CVT.png|thumb|right|150px|Front page of the [[Castello di Valle Treaty]]]]
===Recognition Era===
* '''16 Aug''' - Lomellina signed two mutual recognition and political trust treaties with the '''[[Republic of USI]]''' and the '''[[Beiwan|Great Beiwanese Empire]]'''. The [[Relations of USI and Lomellina|Lomellina-USI Alliance]] is created.

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