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Timeline of Lomellinian history

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[[File:Bandeira.png|thumb|right|230px|The Official Flag of the [[Principality of Lomellina]]]]The following timeline covers the historical events of the [[Principality of Lomellina]] since it's secession to the present dayit's extinction.
* '''13 Aug''' - Lomellina gains membership in the '''[[Organization of Micronations]]'''.
[[File:CVT.png|thumb|right|150px|Front page of the [[Castello di Valle Treaty]]]]
===Recognition Era===
* '''16 Aug''' - Lomellina signed two mutual recognition and political trust treaties with the '''[[Republic of USI]]''' and the '''[[Beiwan|Great Beiwanese Empire]]'''. The [[Relations of USI and Lomellina|Lomellina-USI Alliance]] is created.
===Improvement Era===
* '''3 Sep''' - The [[Lomellinian Aristocracy]] is established in Lomellina following the election of Richard Abreo-Louis as [[High Chancellor of Lomellina]] and the Aristocracy.
* '''4 Sep''' - Lomellina officialy takes the part as a suport belligerent in the [[Shikaeshi War]] alongside with the [[Beiwan|Greater Beiwanese Empire]] against the [[Shurigawa|Imperial State of Shurigawa]].
* '''5 Sep''' - Lomellina and the '''[[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]]''' sign a treaty for mutual recognition and diplomatic friendship. The '''[[Lomellinian Galactic Empire]]''' is established as a Colonialism type of goverment and [[D. Tânya Correa D'Ornellas]] is appointed Empress.
* '''6 Sep''' - The [[Grand-Duchy of Mars]] is established to divide colonies in different planets for the [[Lomellinian Galactic Empire]].
* '''9 Sep''' - The LGE claims 3 venusian colonies, [[Ovda Regio]], [[Tethis Regio]] and [[Artemis Corona]]. The [[Grand-Duchy of Venus]] is established.
* '''11 Sep''' - A diplomatic alliance was established between Lomellina and the [[Decracy of Yunivers]] following the ratification of the official treaty.
* '''12 Sep''' - The [[Lomellinian Armed Forces]] are founded by the Prince and Supreme Commander [[D. Guilherme I]].
* '''21 Sep''' - Lomellina officializes a diplomatic alliance with the '''[[Kangcho|Great Empire of Kangcho]]''' after the [[Beiwan|Great Beiwanese Empire]] dissolution.
===Downfall and Overthrow===
* '''20 Nov''' - The [[Lomellinian Aristocracy]] proposes a government change in wich the High Chanceller Richard Abreo-Louis has complete ruling power over the aristocracy members and thus the government would change from an absolute monarchy to a constituional one.
* '''21 Nov''' - Prince D. Guilherme I refuses and questions the aristocracy decision.
* '''26 Nov''' - Aristocracy members start an anti-absolutist campaign and the [[Lomellinian Revolt]] begins.
* '''1 Dec''' - D. Guilherme is dethrowned from ruling power and Richard Abreo-Louis is crowned Constitutional Prince of Lomellina.
* '''2 Dec''' - D. Guilherme takes political exile in the [[Savage Islands|Autonomous Kingdom of the Savage Islands]].
* '''4 Dec''' - Lomellina officialy ends and the [[State of Lomellina]] is formed in [[Castello di Valle]].
==See also==
* [[Foreign relations of Lomellina]]
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