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History of Matachewan

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2nd Localisation Attempt
=== 2nd Localisation Attempt ===
The second [[localism|localisation]] attempt was a product of the september constitution and took place almost exactly on the one year anniversary of the idea of localisation originally being pitched. In contrast with the first, and more spontaneous attempt at [[localism|localisation]], this attempt has thus far proved successful. Other measures taken as prescribed by the september constitution included; the establishment of the [[Matachewanian Szlachta of Matachewan]], an upper house specifically for the local [[w:Duke|dukes]] in [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]]; the restoration of the office of the [[Prime Minister of Matachewan|Prime Minister]] to which Ashton C. was appointed as the second ever [[localism|local]] [[Prime Minister of Matachewan]]; etc.
=== Oblate Convention ===
{{Main|Oblate Convention}}
The first Oblate Convention is set to take place on the afternoon of the 10th of October, 2020. It is an event arranged and hosted directly by the Matachewanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was founded on 4 October of that same year with the approval of the Prime Minister, Premier, Deputy Premier and King of Matachewan. More conventions are expected to take place in the future.

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