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History of Matachewan

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Foreign Aggression
== Early Days of Matachewan ==
=== Founding ===On 30 June 2015, Matachewan declared independence from the Dominion of Canada. The original idea for independence came bout when [[Brandon Mierzwa]] and his friend Robert Corrigan were discussing a scenario if they had their own country. Later that evening Brandon pitched the idea to his other friends them being, ''Liam Carey'', ''Adam Warmold'', and one other person. After the idea was pitched everyone seemed to like the idea so on 30 June 2015, at around 2:00pm EST, Matachewan was born.
=== Internal Struggles ===With the nation ready school had finally ended and all activity ceased until September 2015.
=== First Parliamentary Division ===September 2015 couldn't come around sooner and when it did Matachewan was ready to work. Still being based in Matachewan Ontario but the government being located in St. Catharines the country couldn't really do anything but plan. The idea of Matachewan was being pitched to other students but still kept a low profile due to the country being very young and not capable of supporting a large citizen pool.
=== Establishment It wasn't until January 2016 when the internal problems in government became apparent. The main problem was the lack of a single ruler, this added with many power hungry 9 and 10 year olds left the political power of Matachewan in a vacuum. In December 2015 the First Militia ===Matachewanian Civil War broke out over the control of a Matachewanian snow fort.
=== Establishment of the First Matachewan Civil War Militia===In The Matachewanian Armed Forces, having existed since June, did not have a formalized armed wing. On the day the heat of civil war started the conflict which took place in 2015, it Matachewanian Peoples Militia was, is, created (Inspired by communist naming). This militia used the same structure as the ZHP however the members were very disorganized and will always remain known for being won by a 9 year old King Brandon bashing in lacked even basic military discipline. This militia served with honor during the face a member first battle of the opposing forces with a brickcivil war.
=== The Great Inactivity Matachewanian Civil War===In the heat of the conflict which took place in 2015, it was, is, and will always remain known for being won by a 10 year old King Brandon bashing in the face a member of the opposing forces with a brick.
== Proclamation ==First Battle St. Alfred====The First Battle of St. Alfred took place just after Christmas break in January 2016. It was between Pro-Matachewanian Students and Anti-Matachewanian Students. The Battle started immediately after school ended at 3:00pm EST. Pro-Matachewanian Students arrived late, already having lost half the fort Brandon Mierzwa ordered his forces to engage head on. In the heat of battle after losing the front wall of the fort, Brandon took an ice brick and smashed it on the head of one of the 1st Kingdom opposing forces. After about 15 minutes of Matachewan ==fighting a teacher eventually found out and chased the students off the school property, eventually ending the battle.
=== 2nd Great Inactivity ===The next day Anti-Matachewanian Students told one of the teachers what happened and all Pro-Matachewanian Students were punished. 1 casualty was reported as the one soldiers that had his head smashed with an ice brick did not show up to school the next day, claiming a concussion.
=== 1st Sejm Restoration =Second Battle of St. Alfred====
=== Inviting The Second Battle of Foreign Diplomats ===St. Alfred was a jumping carried out by Anti-Matachewanian Forces on Brandon Mierzwa and his two friends. It happened at 3:05pm just as Brandon was leaving the school when he was stopped by two boys. After a heated confrontation the two boys started to beat down on Brandon and his friends. During the attack Brandon was hit in the stomach and was winded while his friend Robert was pinned to the muddy ground. Eventually Jessica Mierzwa, Brandon's sister broke in stopping the fight.
=== First Population Boom ===After the battle most talk of Matachewan started to die down and eventually was not heard of again until 2018.
=== The Autonomous Principality End of Early Matachewan ===Once the Civil War had come to an end the talk of Matachewan ended with it. Most people were disinterested after the violence that occurred and some students, being kids, just lost incentive to do anything.
==Proclamation of the 1st Kingdom of Matachewan=={{Empty section}}===2nd Great Inactivity==={{Empty section}}===1st Sejm Restoration==={{Empty section}}===Inviting of Foreign Diplomats==={{Empty section}}===First Population Boom==={{Empty section}}===The Autonomous Principality of Matachewan==={{Empty section}}=== Matachewan-Nerdystanian War ==={{Empty section}}===Gilzem Scandals==={{Empty section}}===Matachewan-Auvenese Conflicts==={{Empty section}}===Battle of Gowganda==={{Empty section}}===Robertson Sea Conflict==={{main|Robertson Sea Conflict}}{{Empty section}}
=== Gilzem Scandals End of the Monarchy==={{Empty section}}==Commonwealth of Matachewan / 2nd Kingdom of Matachewan=={{Empty section}}===Matachewan-Usla Alliance==={{Empty section}}===Louisianian Independence==={{Empty section}}===Matachewan-Matachewan War==={{Empty section}}===Owen Leski and Matachewan==={{Empty section}}===Matachewan-Auvenese Friendship==={{Empty section}}===First Matachewan-Uslan Commonwealth==={{Empty section}}===End of the Commonwealth==={{Empty section}}==Nationalist Matachewan=={{Empty section}}==3rd Kingdom of Matachewan=={{Empty section}}===Oakforrest Union==={{Empty section}}===Start of Matachewanian Occupation==={{Empty section}}==Rule Under Groponigën=={{Empty section}}===Confederation of Matachewan==={{Empty section}}===End of Confederation==={{Empty section}}===4th Kingdom of Matachewan==={{Empty section}}===Trial of Brandon I and Peter Warren==={{Empty section}}===1st Matachewanian Uprising==={{Empty section}}===2nd Matachewanian Uprising==={{Empty section}}==5th Kingdom of Matachewan=={{Empty section}}===2nd Population Boom==={{Empty section}}===Suyash and Matachewan==={{Empty section}}===Aga and Matachewan==={{Empty section}}===April 13th and Radio Scandal==={{Empty section}}===Proclamation of Lwow==={{Empty section}}===Great Matachewanian Purge==={{Empty section}}===Imperial restoration==={{Empty section}}===The New Sejm==={{Empty section}}===Regency==={{Empty section}}===Proclamation of the Empire==={{Empty section}}==2nd Republic of Matachewan=={{Empty section}}==Matachewanian Empire (Leigitmate 6th Kingdom)=={{Empty section}}===6th Kingdom of Matachewan (Illegitimate)==={{Empty section}}===Relations with the New Prussian Empire==={{Empty section}}===Union==={{Empty section}}==Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth==
=== Dual Monarchy==={{Empty section}}===Union of Crowns==={{Empty section}}===King Brandon==={{Empty section}}===King Johann==={{Empty section}}===King Kleinmann==={{Empty section}}===Kingdom of Pomorskie==={{Empty section}}===Dissolution==={{Empty section}}==(7th) Grand Kingdom of Matachewan-Auvenese Conflicts ===
=== Battle 3rd Republic of Gowganda Matachewan (Illegitimate, ''to extent'')==={{Empty section}}
=== Robertson Sea Conflict End of Peter Warren==={{Empty section}}===Political Stability==={{Empty section}}===Push For Localisation==={{Empty section}}===Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth / 3rd Empire==={{Empty section}}===Impeachment of the Prime Minister==={{Empty section}}===Peter Returns==={{Empty section}}===1st Localisation Attempt==={{Empty section}}===Dual Premiership===The proclamation of the later controversial ''Bill of Awesomeness'' written by [[Christopher Miller]] some time in January 2020, prescribed a new system through which the government should function. Most notably, it introduced the [[Premier of Matachewan|Premiers of Matachewan]], through what has later been referred to as ''"the dual-premier system"''. The dual-premier system made for two premiers of Matachewan, the Premier of Matachewan for Local Affairs and the Premier of Matachewan for Global Affairs (short: Premier Local and Premier Global) which would represent the government on a [[localism|local]] and [[globalism|global]] scale respectively.
=== End Abdication and Restoration==={{Empty section}}===Dissolution of the Monarchy Commonwealth==={{Empty section}}===Foreign Aggression==={{biased}}A rapidly maturing Matachewanian political scene had come to be haunted by the New Prussian Empire under a new and hostile administration. On the 15th of March 2020, by the approval of its legislator, and the enactment by its Empress Klara Steinbeck, the so-called ''Yedinist Empire of New Prussia'' initiated a state of war between [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]] and itself. As dramatic as this seems, [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]] took this opportunity to simply decline the declaration, to which no response was given.
== Commonwealth =Battle of Matachewan / 2nd Kingdom of Matachewan Williamsburg==={{Main|Battle of Williamsburg}}
=== 4th Republic of Matachewan-Usla Alliance (disputed)==={{Main|Fourth Republic of Matachewan}}
=== Louisianian Independence ===The [[Fourth Republic of Matachewan]] is a disputed state founded on 20 March 2020 to contest the [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan]] following the [[Battle of Williamsburg]]. Desperate to topple the state from outside by exploiting it's fragile [[simulationism]] {{citation needed}}, [[Christopher Miller]], then [[Premier of Matachewan]] for Global Affairs attempted to send many random loyalists in the name of the [[Matachewanian Cipher Bureau]], assuming it would be an easy job. Among them;
=== *'''[[Isaiah Burdette]]''', who would come to defect to the other side, and some time later become the Minister of Economic Affairs of [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan-|Matachewan War ===]] and the leader of one of the largest [[Conservative League of Matachewan|parties]] in the [[Sejm of Matachewan]] as per the October 2020 General Election
=== Owen Leski and later [[Premier of Matachewan ===|Premier]]
=== Matachewan-Auvenese Friendship ===*'''Robert Smith''', who would become successful in winning this disputed Presidency, from the authority of which he would continue to do absolutely nothing until he was forcibly resigned in exchange for a provisional local government.
=== First Matachewan-Uslan Commonwealth Summer Constitution===The summer constitution was a beta-version of the current [[w:Constitution|constitution of]] [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]]. It was hurried by the incumbent [[Labour Party of Matachewan|Labour government]] in one night, headed by [[Premier of Matachewan|Premier]] Robert Smith. It proved effective for the duration of the term, after which it was heavily revised personally by the [[Monarchy of Matachewan|king]], which later came to be referred to as the ''September Constitution''.
=== End of the Commonwealth 2nd Localization Attempt===The second [[localism|localization]] attempt was a product of the September constitution and took place almost exactly on the one year anniversary of the idea of localization originally being pitched. In contrast with the first, and more spontaneous attempt at [[localism|localization]], this attempt has thus far proved successful. Other measures taken as prescribed by the September constitution included; the establishment of the [[Szlachta of Matachewan|Matachewanian Szlachta]], an upper house specifically for the local [[w:Dukes|dukes]] in [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]]; the restoration of the office of the [[Prime Minister of Matachewan|Prime Minister]] to which Ashton C. was appointed as the second ever [[localism|local]] [[Prime Minister of Matachewan]]; etc.
== Nationalist Matachewan =Oblate Convention== 2nd Republic of Matachewan == == 3rd Kingdom of Matachewan == === Restoration of the House of Mierzwa === == Rule Under Groponigën == === Confederation of Matachewan === === End of Confederation === === 4th Kingdom of Matachewan === === Trial of Brandon I and Peter Warren === === 1st Matachewanian Uprising === === 2nd Matachewanian Uprising === == 5th Kingdom of Matachewan == === 2nd Population Boom === === Suyash and Matachewan === === Aga and Matachewan === === 2nd Matachewanian Civil War ==={{Main|Oblate Convention}}
=== Proclamation of Lwow === === Great Matachewanian Purge === === 2nd Restoration of the House of Mierzwa === === The New Sejm === === Regency === === Proclamation of the Empire === == 6th Kingdom of Matachewan == === Relations with the New Prussian Empire === === Union === == Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth == === Dual Monarchy === === Union of Crowns === === King Brandon === === King Johann === === King Kleinmann === === Kingdom of Pomorskie === === Dissolution === == (7th) Grand Kingdom of Matachewan == === 3rd Republic of Matachewan (illegitimate) === === End of Peter Warren === === Political Stability === === Push For Localisation === === Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth / 3rd Empire === === Impeachment of the Prime Minister === === Peter Returns === === 1st Localisation Attempt === === Abdication and 4th Restoration === === Dissolution of the Commonwealth === === Dual Premiership === === Foreign Aggression === === Battle of Williamsburg === === 4th Republic of Matachewan (illegitimate) === === Summer Constitution === === 2nd Localisation Attempt ===The second [[localism|localisation]] attempt was a product of the september constitution and took place almost exactly on the one year anniversary of the idea of localisation originally being pitched. In contrast with the first, and more spontaneous attempt at [[localism|localisation]], this attempt has thus far proved successful. Other measures taken as prescribed by the september constitution included; the establishment of the [[Szlachta of Matachewan]], an upper house specifically for the local [[w:Duke|dukes]] in [[Grand Kingdom of Matachewan|Matachewan]]; the restoration of the office of the [[Prime Minister of Matachewan|Prime Minister]] to which Ashton C. was appointed as the second ever [[localism|local]] [[Prime Minister of Matachewan]]. === Oblate Convention ==={{Main|Oblate Convention}}The first Oblate Convention is set to take place on the afternoon of the 10th of 10 October, 2020. It is an event arranged and hosted directly by the Matachewanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was founded on 4 October of that same year with the approval of the Prime Minister, Premier, Deputy Premier and King of Matachewan. More conventions are expected to take place in the future.

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