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Amissopian Federation

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A single government official, the President, wields all legislative and executive power under the Charter, the constituting document of the nation. The current President is [[Horatio Eden]], who took office following a nominal election upon the Charter's ratification on the 2nd of July, 2018. Judicial power is vested in the High Court of the Federation, currently unstaffed. There is also a ceremonial Emperor, the incumbent of which is reappointed by the President daily under the terms of the federal Imperial Law.
The Amissopian Federation, as of the 12th of August, 2018, is a full member of the [[Grand Unified Micronational]].<ref>[ Various authors. GUM vote on Amissopian full membership, Published 12th August, 2018]</ref> It acquired provisional membership on the 22nd of July, 2018.<ref>[ Belcher, Adam. ''Quorum, 22nd July, 2018''. GUMNews. Published 22nd July, 2018]</ref><ref>[ Various authors. ''Grand Unified Micronational/Provisional Members''.]</ref> As of the 8th of September, 2018, Horatio Eden, as an envoy of the Federation to the organisation, has served as [[Supreme Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational]].
The Amissopian Federation was the founding member of the [[Micronational Statistics Bureau]], founded by President Horatio Eden on the 13th of July, 2018.
The land area of the entire Amissopian Federation comes to under fifteen metres square, with the eight contiguous states on the Amissopian Federation making up over two-thirds of that size. Beachhead Atoll, separated from the mainland by [[w:United Kingdom|UK]] land and only accessible by a land bridge in the state of the Badlands, measures less than five metres square. Measured by only land area, the Amissopian Federation is smaller than all recognised macronations.
Amissopian land is of a uniform geography and topography, composed entirely of [[w:Cardboard|cardboard]]. The surface of the ground is thin, and covered in perforations, some of which were used as the baseline for the construction of the main highway, the Capital Line, which joins the various state capitals of the nation together along with one road network. The cardboard along the northern border in New New Jersey, East New New Jersey and Brandburg is arched upwards, and forms the Great Wall of Amissopia, the tallest section of the Federation's land border with the United Kingdom which runs to a height of around ten centimetres at its peak. Smaller walls exist along the perimeter of the state of East Amissopia and the southern border of the state of Zenith.
The climate of Amissopia is entirely artificial, as the nation is housed entirely indoors. Agriculture, rain and other weather is entirely non-existent, and the temperature remains solid.
==Government and politics==
* Executive/legislative: The President possesses absolute power over legislation and execution of that legislation. In practice, the President's executive power is delegated to various ministries of the federal government, which act on the President's behalf through [[w:Statutory instrument|statutory instruments]]. The President's absolute legislative and executive authority and few constitutional limits make the position more akin to an elected monarch or dictator than a democratic president.
* Judicial: The High Court of the Federation is the final court of appeal and only court in the land, and hears all cases at criminal and civil law. Its membership is appointed by the President for a life tenure, and members may only be removed by an independent Independent Review Board appointed by the President. It is the only body able to exercise judicial review, and is empowered to overturn presidential decrees on grounds of unconstitutionality.
The Presidential Advisory Council is the only semblance of a legislative assembly in the Amissopian Federation. Currently, it consists of one member - [[Nicolas Millan]] - who serves as something vaguely akin to an Amissopian Prime Minister, though no such position formally exists.
The Charter of the Federation enumerates the form and function of the government, and is the supreme law of the land. It places very few limits on what the federal level of government is allowed to legislate for, however, creating a system more akin to [[w:Devolution in the United Kingdom|the devolution system in the United Kingdom]] than the [[w:Federalism in the United States|U.S. federal-state relationship]].
The position of Amissopian Emperor, per the Imperial Law, also exists; however, the position holds no power and the incumbent is reappointed daily by the President of the Federation. The lack of a presidential directive designating an Emperor means the position is currently in an interregnum period, starting on the 22nd of July, 2018.

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