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Island Liberation Army

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| current_form = 21 June 2020
| allegience = Communist Party of the VISSR
| branches = {{flagiconstart|ILA Ground Force.png}} [[Island Liberation Army Ground Force|ILA Ground Force]]<br>{{flagiconstart|ILA Navy.png}} [[Island Liberation Army Navy|ILA Navy]]<br>{{flagiconstart|ILA Air Force.png}} [[Island Liberation Army Air Force|ILA Air Force]]<br>{{flagiconstart|ILA Rocket Force.png}} [[Island Liberation Army Rocket Force|ILA Rocket Force]]
| headquarters = Dustingrad
| flying_hours =
===Organization and Leadership===
The ILA is commanded overall by Comrade Dustinov who holds the military rank of Marshal of the VISSRRepublic. Dustinov also serves as Admiral of the Fleet for the ILA Naval force.
===Ground Force===
[[File:ILA Ground Force.png|thumb|Battle Flag of the Island Liberation Army Ground Force]]
The [[Island Liberation Army Ground Force]] is the mainland warfare service branch of the ILA, and oldest branch of the entire VISSR armed forces. It has a standing troop strength of 7, as every resident of the VISSR is a citizen soldier who wears the uniform of the ILA Ground Force in times of emergency. The [[VISSR Border Troops]] were established on September 4th 2020, and are under the direct command of the Ground Force branch, but are a more elite unit comprised of only the top graduates of the ILA's basic training program.
===Air Force===
[[File:ILA Air Force.png|thumb|Flag of the Island Liberation Army Air Force]]
The [[Island Liberation Army Air Force]] is the aerial service branch of the ILA, and the newest branch of the VISSR armed forces. The Air Force has the smallest active personnel with 2 crew members currently serving and is also limited in terms of equipment which mainly consists of 1 drone. However, the ILA Air Force also manages and directs the activities of the VISSR Space Agency which is quickly becoming a major department within the armed forces, although its role is dedicated purely to research and education.
===Rocket Force===

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