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Island Liberation Army

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The '''Island Liberation Army''', or '''ILA''', is the unified armed forces of the [[Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic]]. Founded by [[Comrade Dustinov]], General Secretary of the VISSR, on August 5th 2019.
The ILA is the armed wing of the ruling [[Communist Party of the VISSR]], and consists of 3 professional service brances branches - [[Island Liberation Army Ground Force|Ground Force]], [[Island Liberation Army Air Force|Air Force]] and [[Island Liberation Army Navy|Navy]]. With the VISSR being an island [[micronation]], the Navy is currently the largest of the 3 military branches, followed by the Ground Force and Air Force respectively. The [[VISSR Border Troops]] is a sub-branch of the Ground Force, and tasked with patrolling the border regions of the VISSR.
==Mission Statement==
*To ensure the VISSR's territorial integrity
*To protect the citizens of the VISSR, and guarantee their safety
*To provide emergency response, and natural disaster relief
*To help maintain micronational peace
On August 5th 2019, after several days of rising tensions with the '''Kingdom of Frelands''', the VISSR received a declaration of war from the Frelands Monarchy. Following an attempted cyber -attack which Frelands assumed responsibility for, a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the VISSR was hastily convened to discuss a course of action. The Island Liberation Army was founded, and organized into 3 military service branches in order to protect the nation and it's its people. The ILA is under the exclusive control of the Communist Party of the VISSR, with Comrade Dustinov serving as it's Supreme Commander.
===August War===
===Ground Force===
[[File:ILA Ground Force.png|thumb|Battle Flag of the Island Liberation Army Ground Force]]
The [[Island Liberation Army Ground Force]] is the main land mainland warfare service branch of the ILA, and oldest branch of the entire VISSR armed forces. It has a standing troop strength of 7, as every resident of the VISSR is a citizen soldier who wears the uniform of the ILA Ground Force in times of emergency. The [[VISSR Border Troops]] were established on September 4th 2020, and are under the direct command of the Ground Force branch, but are a more elite unit comprised of only the top graduates of the ILA's basic training program.
[[File:ILA Navy.png|thumb|Naval Ensign of the Island Liberation Army Navy]]
The [[Island Liberation Army Navy]] is the naval warfare service branch of the ILA, as well as the coast guard patrol for our nation. Nicknamed ''The Red Fleet'', the navy is the largest branch of the VISSR armed forces in terms of equipment and cost. The ILA as a whole commits a high priority to the investment into, and maintenance of, our 2 fresh water freshwater vessels. Like the Ground Force, the Navy also has an active duty crew of 7. This is due to the fact that all 7 citizens of the VISSR are peace time peacetime sailors when not in a state of emergency. Since the VISSR is an island micronation, this is a day to day activity for its people.
===Air Force===
[[File:ILA Air Force.png|thumb|Flag of the Island Liberation Army Air Force]]
The [[Island Liberation Army Air Force]] is the aerial service branch of the ILA, and the newest branch of the VISSR armed forces. The Air Force has the smallest active personnel with 2 crew members currently serving, and is also limited in terms of equipment which mainly consists of 1 drone. However, the ILA Air Force also manages and directs the activities of the VISSR Space Agency which is quickly becoming a major department within the armed forces, although it's its role is dedicated purely to research and education.
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