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Island Liberation Army

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On August 5th 2019, after several days of rising tensions with the '''Kingdom of Frelands''', the VISSR received a declaration of war from the Frelands Monarchy. Following an attempted cyber attack which Frelands assumed responsibility for, a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the VISSR was hastily convened to discuss a course of action. The Island Liberation Army was founded, and organized into 3 military service branches in order to protect the nation and our it's people. The ILA is under the exclusive control of the Communist Party of the VISSR, with Comrade Dustinov serving as it's Supreme Commander.
===August War===
===Subsequent Development===
In the following months, the ILA grew to be an important cornerstone of VISSR society. It has played a primary role in gathering and distributing PPE and other essential supplies during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, as well as carrying out several important operations such as removing fallen trees and clearing overgrown brush in the VISSR. The Island Liberation Army experienced a brief period of symbolic changes during the "Republic of Courtica period", with the color red being changed to blue on all military emblems and flags. The personnel of the armed forces has remained unchanged since it's foundation. On September 12th 2020, the VISSR established a secret police force and intelligence agency called the [[State Security Bureau]] (SSB). The SSB has been tasked with assisting the ILA with military intelligence operations, and counter-espionage.
On September 19th 2020, Comrade Dustinov announced the planning of a 4th armed forces service branch, the [[Island Liberation Army Rocket Force]]. If officially established, the Rocket Force will be responsible for any potential land based missile systems. Dustinov has indicated in recent public statements that research into the viability of '''Estes Rockets''' is being conducted.

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