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Island Liberation Army Ground Force

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The '''Island Liberation Army Ground Force''', or simply '''ILAGFGround Force''', is the main land mainland warfare service branch of the [[Island Liberation Army]], and oldest branch of the national armed forces of the [[Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic]]. It has a standing troop strength of 7, as every resident of the VISSR is a citizen soldier who wears the uniform of the ILAGF Ground Force in times of emergency.  ==History== ===Foundation===The Ground Force can trace its lineage from January 2019. It was originally established as the '''Courtican People's Army''', the national armed forces of the VISSR's predecessor state - the '''People's Republic of Courtica'''. When Courtica evolved into the VISSR, it's army became the backbone of the future Island Liberation Army. ===August War===On August 5th 2019, after several days of rising tensions with the '''Kingdom of Frelands''', the VISSR received a [[August War|declaration of war]] from the Frelands Monarchy. Following an attempted cyber-attack which Frelands assumed responsibility for, a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the VISSR was hastily convened to discuss a course of action. The Island Liberation Army was created, with the remnants of the Courtican Army becoming the Ground Force branch. While Navy and Air Force branches were also quickly established, the Ground Force was the essential front line defense during this conflict. ===Subsequent Development===The ILA Ground Force played a primary role in gathering and distributing PPE and other essential supplies during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, as well as carrying out several important operations such as removing fallen trees and clearing overgrown brush in the VISSR. The Island Liberation Army as a whole experienced a brief period of symbolic changes during the "Republic of Courtica period", with the color red being changed to blue on all military emblems and flags. The personnel of the Ground Force has remained unchanged since it's foundation. On September 4th 2020, the VISSR established the [[VISSR Border Troops]] . The Border Troops are the militarized border guard of the VISSR, and are under the direct command of the Ground Force branch.  ==Overview== ===Organization and Leadership===The ILA is directed overall by [[Comrade Dustinov]], but are a more elite unit comprised Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Dustinov holds the rank of Marshal of only the top graduates Republic, the highest military rank in the VISSR. Lower officer rank structure of the ILA's basic training programGround Force is a highly simplified version of [[w:Soviet Army|Soviet Army]] ranks.
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