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Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall

No change in size, 25 September
Honours, awards and offices
:[[File:OoCBasic.svg|x135px]][[File:Grand Cross of the Gilded Rose 1st Class.svg|x120px]][[File:Knight Grand Cross William.svg|x120px]][[File:Atovia Great Cross.png|x120px]]
:[[File:Order of Hrafnarfjall - Grand Master.svg|x30px100px]]:[[File:Order of the Raven - Gold.svg|x30px100px]][[File:Order of Thomas I - Sovereign.svg|x30px100px]]:[[File:Imperial Service Order of Hrafnarfjall.svg|x30px100px]][[File:Tolba 1st Class.png|x30px100px]]:[[File:Order of Charlington ribbon.svg|x30px100px]]:[[File:Gilded Rose ribbon.svg|x30px100px]][[File:Ribbon bar of the Order of William I.svg|x30px100px]][[File:Commander - Order of Atovia.png|x30px100px]]

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