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Empire of Austenasia

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Members of the Government
|location = [[File:Austenasialocationmap.png|border|180px]]<br>Austenasia within Great Britain: [[Greater Wrythe]] in purple, [[Palasia]] and [[Amerdansk]] in blue, and the [[Austenasian Territory|Territories]] in red. Click to expand.
|capital = [[Wrythe]]
|largest_city = [[Chersoneses]] <small>(by land area)</small><br>[[Chalcedon]] or [[DekkerPontunia]] <small>(by population)</small>
|languages = English (''de facto'', unofficial)
|religions= [[w:Christianity|Christianity]]
|legislature = [[Parliament of Austenasia]]
|established = 20 September [[2008]]
|area = ~2027,603787,339 261 sq ft|population = 84109
|population_notes = <br><small>(not including {{AHS}} foreign [[Honorary Subject of Austenasia|Honorary Subjects]])</small>
|currency = [[w:Pound sterling|Pound Sterling (£)]]
|time_zone = UTC<br><small>([[w:UTC+10|UTC+10]] in [[New South Scotland]],</small><br><small>([[w:UTC+7|UTC+7]] in [[Dinkeaw]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC+05:30|UTC+5:30]] in [[Imperia]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC+03:00|UTC+3:00]] in [[Chalcedon]] and [[Trebizond]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC+02:00|UTC+2:00]] in [[Chersoneses]] and [[Kaiomenia]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC+01:00|UTC+1]] in [[Enfriqua]], [[Aurora]], [[Oberfalcer]], and [[Nikaia]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC-3|UTC-3]] in [[Esmondia]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC-4|UTC-4]] in [[Peach Ponds]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC-5|UTC-5]] in [[Kingeston]] and [[Fraternitas]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC−06:00|UTC-6]] in [[DekkerTaysha]], [[Nahona]], [[North NahonaDekker]], [[Blue Ridge]], [[Florencium CarolinaJackson]], [[Jackson]] and [[Campo de JonatánPontunia]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC−07:00|UTC-7]] in [[Bregusland]],</small><br><small>[[w:UTC-8|UTC-8]] in [[Campo Del Sol]])</small>
|nat_animal = [[w:Bullmastiff|Bullmastiff]]
|pat_saint = [[w:John the Apostle|Saint John the Apostle]] <small>(national)</small><br>[[w:Michael (archangel)|Archangel Michael]] <small>(imperial)</small>
|web = [ Official website]<br>[ Official Facebook group]}} '''Austenasia''', officially the ''' Empire of Austenasia''', is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state<ref>[ "Frequently Asked Questions", Empire of Austenasia], Retrieved 15 October 2011</ref> but is more commonly referred to as a [[micronation]] by external observers.<ref>[ "List of micronations", Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia], Retrieved 15 October 2011</ref> Founded on the island of Great Britain, Austenasia declared independence from the United Kingdom in September 2008.<ref>[ "List of Micronations by Date Founded", MicroWikia], Retrieved 4 November 2011</ref> It is an enclave and exclave country, consisting of forty two sixty non-contiguous pieces of land: twelve in Great Britain, five six in the rest of [[w:Europe|Europe]], eighteen thirty five in [[w:North America|North America]], four in [[w:Asia|Asia]], one in [[w:South America|South America]], one in [[w:Africa|Africa]], and one in [[w:Australia (continent)|Australia]].
Austenasia is an officially Christian country which views itself as [[Imperium (political theory)|a successor]] to the Roman Empire. Much of its cultural trappings and many government positions reveal a [[w:Roman Empire|classical]] or [[w:Byzantine Empire|medieval]] Roman influence on the nation.
Austenasia is the foremost diplomatic and military power of the [[Carshalton Nations]], with its [[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch]] being either sovereign or suzerain over them. Austenasia is considered by many to have been the most influential nation in the [[MicroWiki nations|MicroWiki Community]] since early 2013, having risen to a high level of diplomatic prominence in said community during late 20112010-11.
==Administrative divisions==
Austenasia is comprised of forty two sixty separate pieces of land. The four populated British territories - [[Wrythe]] (the Austenasian [[Capital city|capital]], comprised of two non-contiguous areas of land), [[Palasia]], [[Caldari]], and [[Amerdansk]] - all consist of residential properties. Palasia and Caldari are together known as Grantabridge.
The smallest piece of Austenasian land, [[Glencrannog]], is a mere one square foot of land, more than 370 miles away from Wrythe. The largest area in Austenasia is [[Chersoneses]], an enclave of [[w:Ukraine|Ukraine]]. Most administrative divisions consist of a single contiguous claim, but several have various exclaves; Wrythe, Nahona, and North Nahona are examples of Towns composed of two non-contiguous pieces of land, whereas [[Pontunia]] has fifteen.
Austenasia is divided into [[Austenasian City|Cities]] (Wrythe), [[Austenasian Town|Towns]] (Palasia, [[Chalcedon]], [[Nahona]], [[Kingeston]], and [[North Nahona]], and [[Procyon]]), [[Austenasian March|Marches]] (Caldari and [[Campo de Jonatán]]), [[Austenasian Territory|Territories]] (Glencrannog, [[Corinium Terentium]], [[Glencoe]], [[Iostan na Beithe]], [[Aurora]], [[Hoagland]], [[Green Gate]], [[Campo Del Sol]], [[Oberfalcer]], Fraternitas, [[Peach Ponds]], [[Nikaia]], [[Blue Ridge]], [[Florencium Carolina]], [[Jackson]], and [[JacksonElliesium Colorandum]]) and [[Austenasian Crown Dependency|Crown Dependencies]] (New South Scotland, [[Enfriqua]], [[Dekker]], [[Imperia]], [[Esmondia]], [[Kingdom of Rushymia|Rushymia]], Amerdansk, [[Trebizond]], [[Bregusland]], [[Dinkeaw]], Chersoneses, [[Kaiomenia]], and ChersonesesPontunia). Towns and Cities are inhabited areas fully incorporated into the Empire, and each elect a Representative to the [[House of Representatives (Austenasia)|House of Representatives]]. Marches are inhabited areas associated with a Town or City for electoral purposes but administered independently. Territories are also fully incorporated into the Empire, but are not inhabited and so are not represented in Parliament, with Austenasian law being enforced by a Governor if possible. Crown Dependencies are autonomous areas, with Austenasian law not automatically applying to them unless specified in the legislation; however, they fall under Austenasian sovereignty and are administered directly by the Throne (with representatives of the Emperor known as Governing Commissioners usually being appointed).
| 4
| colspan = 2| '''Representative'''<br>The Hon. Payton Moore
| [[File:Flag of Procyon.svg|border|100px]]
| [[File:Procyon CoA.svg|border|100px]]
| [[File:Procyon.png|border|100px]]
| [[Procyon]]
| 5 October 2020
| 2
| colspan = 2| '''Representative (Acting)'''<br>Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos
| colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Marches'''
| colspan = 2|'''Governor'''<br>[[Aydan Dillon|Lord Aydan Dillon, Baron of Blue Ridge]]
| N/A[[File:Flag of Florencium Carolina.svg|100px]]| N/A[[File:Florencium Carolina Arms.svg|100px]]
| [[File:Florencium Carolina.png|border|100px]]
| [[Florencium Carolina]]
| 0
| colspan = 2|'''Governor'''<br>[[William I of Gradonia|Lord William Wilson, Count of Oribrazos]]
| N/A
| N/A
| [[File:Colorandum.jpg|border|100px]]
| [[Elliessium Colorandum]]
| 19 October 2020
| 0
| colspan = 2|'''Governor'''<br>Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos
| colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Crown Dependencies'''
| 4 April 2020
| 0
| colspan = 2|'''Governing Commissioner'''<br>[[Pun Watta]]Yai Khadpo
| N/A[[File:Flag of Chersoneses.jpg|border|100px]]
| N/A
| [[File:Chersoneses.png|border|100px]]
| 2
| colspan = 2|'''Governing Commissioner'''<br>Tara Oliynyk
| N/A
| N/A
| [[File:Kaiomenia.png|border|100px]]
| [[Kaiomenia]]
| 5 October 2020
| 0
| colspan = 2|'''Governing Commissioner'''<br>[[HIM Thomas Marios I|Hegemon Thomas Marios I]]
| [[File:Pontuniaflag.png|100px]]
| [[File:House of Perdomo.png|100px]]
| [[File:Ducal Residence.jpg|border|100px]]
| [[Pontunia]]
| 27 October 2020
| 23
| colspan = 2|'''Governing Commissioner'''<br>[[Andrew I of Pontchartrain-Maurepas|Andrew I, Duke of Pontunia]]
On a daily basis, most executive power is exercised by the [[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch]] and [[Cabinet of Austenasia]], with the [[Prime Minister of Austenasia|Prime Minister]] helping to co-ordinate the activities of Cabinet in accordance with policies decided by himself and the Monarch. Legislative power is vested in [[Parliament of Austenasia|Parliament]], which is comprised of the Monarch, Prime Minister, and [[House of Representatives (Austenasia)|House of Representatives]]. The judiciary is comprised of Town Courts, High Courts, and an Imperial Court, to try differing degrees of crimes, with the [[Austenasian Consul|Consuls]] issuing sentences for those found guilty.
The part of Austenasia under the control of the central government is split into administrative districts of one City and five six Towns, each run by a Council of 3-20 people, and fifteen sixteen Territories, uninhabited areas of land in which law is when possible enforced by a Governor. In practice, Town and City Councils generally tend to desist from formally making any but basic and emergency bye-laws, with local government tending to function more on a communal consensus basis. All Representatives make up the House of Representatives, out of which is elected by universal suffrage the [[Prime Minister of Austenasia|Prime Minister]] no less often than every four years. The Prime Minister and House of Representatives propose, debate and reword laws to be passed. They are then given Imperial Consent by the Monarch, entering them into law.
The Empire of Austenasia also contains eleven thirteen Crown Dependencies, which fall under the direct and absolute authority of the Monarch, with Governing Commissioners usually being appointed to represent him and exercise his power; the governing commissioners of Dekker , Bregusland and Bregusland Pontunia report to the Caesar [[Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy|Lord Admiral Joseph]] as the Emperor's deputy in North America on all non-urgent matters. Acts of Parliament and other Austenasian laws do not apply to Crown Dependencies unless explicitly stated, with the Governing Commissioners exercising near-absolute domestic power.
File:ICJA.jpg|<center>'''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]''':<br>[[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch]]<br>[[King of Rushymia]]<br>[[Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)|Chief Ambassador]]<br>[[Secretary-General (Austenasia)|Secretary-General]]<br>[[Minister for Culture (Austenasia)|Minister for Culture]]<br>[[Wrythe|Representative of Wrythe]]<br>[[Austenasian Police|Chief Inspector]]</center>
File:JohnGordon.jpg|<center>'''[[Lord John Gordon|Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford]]''':<br>[[Prime Minister of Austenasia|Prime Minister]]<br>[[Minister of Defence (Austenasia)|Minister of Defence]]<br>[[Palasia|Representative of Palasia]]</center>
File:Gradonian president, June 2019.jpg|<center>'''[[William I of Gradonia|Lord William Wilson, Count of Oribrazos]]''':<br>[[Deputy Prime Minister of Austenasia|Deputy Prime Minister]]<br>[[Nahona|Representative of Nahona]]<br>[[Jackson|Governor of Jackson]]</center>File:BradleyPope.jpg|<center>'''[[Bradley, Duke of Dullahan|HG Bradley, Duke of Dullahan]]''':<br>[[Home Secretary (Austenasia)|Home Secretary]]<br>[[Austenasian SenateNahona|Princeps SenatusRepresentative of Nahona]]<br>[[Border Enforcement Agency#CommissionersJackson|Commissioner Governor of the Border Enforcement AgencyJackson]]</center>
File:20190720 125202 (1).jpg|<center>'''[[Austin Jaax|Lord Austin Jaax, Baron of Kingeston]]''':<br>[[Chancellor (Austenasia)|Chancellor]]<br>[[Kingeston|Representative of Kingeston]]</center>
File:Manolis Afentoulis PortraitRossCropped.pngjpg|<center>'''[[Manolis AfentoulisCharles Ross|Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Thessalia|HFM Basileus Emmanuel I & IIOccidentia]]''':<br>[[Bregusland|Governing Commissioner of Bregusland]]<br>[[Attorney General (Austenasia)|Attorney General]]<br>[[Official Historian (Austenasia)|Official Historian]]</center>
File:Premier.png|<center>'''[[Karl Friedrich|Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora]]''':<br>[[Minister of Digital Transformation (Austenasia)|Minister of Digital Transformation]]<br>[[Aurora|Governor of Aurora]]</center>
File:Ismetcansarac.jpg|<center>'''Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia''':<br>[[Chalcedon|Representative of Chalcedon]]</center>
File:Noflag.png|<center>'''The Hon. Payton Moore''':<br>[[North Nahona|Representative of North Nahona]]</center>
File:SimpsonArms.jpg|<center>'''Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos''':<br>[[Procyon|Acting Representative of Procyon]]<br>[[Florencium Carolina|Governor of Florencium Carolina]]<br>[[Elliessium Colorandum|Governor of Elliessium Colorandum]]</center>
File:CreedA.jpg|<center>'''Lord Tribune Andrew Creed, Baron of Corinium Terentium''':<br>[[Corinium Terentium|Governor of Corinium Terentium]]</center>
File:Portrait Sebastian Linden 2016.jpg|<center>'''[[Sebastian Linden|HE Pope Queranus I]]''':<br>[[Iostan na Beithe|Governor of Iostan na Beith]]<br>[[Glencoe|Governor of Glencoe]]</center>
File:Noflag.png|<center>'''James Braidwood''':<br>[[Campo Del Sol|Governor of Campo Del Sol]]</center>
File:LordRemusPeroni.jpg|<center>'''Lord Remus Peroni, Duke of Viennensis''':<br>[[Oberfalcer|Governor of Oberfalcer]]</center>
File:Joseph Caesar.jpeg|<center>'''[[Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy|HIH Lord Admiral HIM Joseph KennedyIII, Duke of New RoytonCaesar et Rex Romanorum]]''':<br>[[Fraternitas|Governor of Fraternitas]]</center>
File:Casper.png|<center>'''[[Casper von Naveria|Lord Casper von Naveria, Count of Cowyetton]]''':<br>[[Peach Ponds|Governor of Peach Ponds]]</center>
File:Jacobs Greater Arms.png|<center>'''[[Edward I|HSH Prince Edward I]]''':<br>[[Nikaia|Governor of Nikaia]]</center>
File:Aydandillon.png|<center>'''[[Aydan Dillon|Lord Aydan Dillon, Baron of Blue Ridge]]''':<br>[[Blue Ridge|Governor of Blue Ridge]]</center>
File:SimpsonArms.jpg|<center>'''Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos''':<br>[[Florencium Carolina|Governor of Florencium Carolina]]</center>
File:Hughmcfarlane new.jpg|<center>'''[[Hugh McFarlane|The Rt Hon. Sir Hugh McFarlane, KCA]]''':<br>[[New South Scotland|Governing Commissioner of New South Scotland]]</center>
File:AkkaBey.jpg|<center>'''H.E. Akka Bey''':<br>[[Enfriqua|Governing Commissioner of Enfriqua]]</center>
File:AnthonyClark.png|<center>'''[[Anthony R Clark|Anthony Clark]]''':<br>[[Amerdansk|Governing Commissioner of Amerdansk]]</center>
File:Dionisiy.jpg|<center>'''[[Dionisiy I, Prince of Montescano|Alexander IV]]''':<br>[[Trebizond|Despot of Trebizond]]</center>
File:RossCroppedNoflag.jpgpng|<center>'''[[Charles Ross|Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia]]''':<br>[[Bregusland|Governing Commissioner of Bregusland]]</center>File:Pun2.jpg|<center>'''[[Pun Watta]]Yai Khadpo''':<br>[[Dinkeaw|Governing Commissioner of Dinkeaw]]</center>
File:Noflag.png|<center>'''Tara Oliynyk''':<br>[[Chersoneses|Governing Commissioner of Chersoneses]]</center>
File:ThomasCropped.jpeg|<center>'''[[HIM Thomas Marios I|Hegemon Thomas Marios I]]''':<br>[[Kaiomenia|Governing Commissioner of Kaiomenia]]
File:Andrew.jpg|<center>'''[[Andrew I of Pontchartrain-Maurepas|Andrew I, Duke of Pontunia]]''':<br>[[Pontunia|Duke of Pontunia]]
File:BradleyPope.jpg|<center>'''[[Bradley, Duke of Dullahan|HG Bradley, Duke of Dullahan]]''':<br>[[Austenasian Senate|Princeps Senatus]]<br>[[Border Enforcement Agency#Commissioners|Commissioner of the Border Enforcement Agency]]</center>
</gallery> </center>
Austenasia has [[Austenasians|a total population of eighty four one hundred and nine people]]. Fifty five Eighty of these are residents actually living in Austenasia, and twenty nine are non-residential subjects that who are entitled to vote in general elections and to hold the status of an Austenasian national despite not actually living within the Empire (due to having been granted the status by Parliament, having held the Throne, or performed military service). Those residents which are over the age of sixteen years and have lived on Austenasian land for more than three years (interpreted to include land which is currently Austenasian but has not necessarily been so for three years) hold the status of subject, meaning that they can vote in general elections and have more rights in regards to partaking in local government.[[File:Honorarysubjects4Honorarysubjects6.png|thumb|right|Countries in which Austenasian Honorary Subjects reside]] On 12 November 2008, Act 20 (Honorary Subjects) was passed, creating the status of [[Honorary Subject of Austenasia|Honorary Subjects]], to be bestowed by the Secretary-General on applicant non-Austenasians. The number of Honorary Subjects reached 50 on 30 July 2010, 100 on 5 May 2012, 200 and 500 on 25 21 August 2014, 300 on 30 July 2016, and 400 on 8 September 20182020. There are currently {{AHS}} Honorary Subjects of Austenasia, residing in every continent on Earth other than Antarctica.
[[File:Austenasiareligion20apr20Austenasiareligion29oct20.png|thumb|left|Religions professed by Austenasians as of 20 April 29 October 2020]]
Since 21 June 2017, Austenasia has been an officially Christian country. Only baptised Christians are eligible to inherit and hold the Throne, Christian feast days are celebrated as public holidays, and Christian symbols are used for example in the national coat of arms. However, freedom of Austenasians to choose and practice their own religion has been guaranteed by law since December 2008, and is entrenched under Article XII, Paragraph C of the [[Austenasian Constitution of 2011|Constitution]].
From the founding of Austenasia in September 2008 until the introduction of the first non-residential subject in April 2010, the entirety of Austenasia's population identified as [[w:Methodist Church of Great Britain|Methodist Christians]]. As more people joined Austenasia, the proportion of Methodists with Austenasia declined, and Methodism is now professed by only 65.75% of the population.
Out of all Austenasian subjects and residents, over four-fifths profess belief in a religion and less than a fifth identify as [[w:Atheism|atheist]] or [[w:Agnosticism|agnostic]].
As of April October 2020, over half three-fifths of Austenasians (60.55%) identify themselves as [[w:Christianity|Christians]]. The main other two religions are [[w:Sunni Islam|Sunni Islam]] and [[w:Hinduism|Hinduism]], the practitioners of which together make up 2017.24% of the population.

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