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History of Los Bay Petros

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Later on March 18 [[2012]], a referendum held in the ''to be separated''-states, with a result that the citizens there agreed with the separation from Los Bay Petros. The government has already allowing the UMSSR interim government to declare their independence from Los Bay Petros on March 19.<ref>[ LBPNN]</ref> Oficially separated on March 19, UMSSR stood only for a while with [[Republic of Islamkistan]] joined them when finnaly they joined the [[Kossian Empire]] as a constituent nation of [[Jaankecil]]. But again, [[Jaankecil]] stood for a while in the hands of Kossian Empire after a revolution sparked in the region and decides to re-establish UMSSR.
=== Inactivity and collapse ===
In early September 2014, during [[Madyaraksa]] forming with its counterpart [[Indokistan]], Los Bay Petros suddenly cuts all communication and recalled all of its delegation from the talks. It turns out that the authority also did the same on all of their outlets of communication to the intermicronational world, starting their inactivity.
Attempts on contacting members of Los Bay Petros were fruitless, with informations finally published in January 2015 cleared the speculations. In 18 January, [[Indokistan]]i [[Cussex]] governor [[Rayhan Haikal]] accidentally met [[Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman]] in [[w:Jakarta|Jakarta]], [[w:Indonesia|Indonesia]], yet failed to informed on the latest situation inside Los Bay Petros. Another encounter with [[Indrawan Prasetyo]] in 25 January finally answered speculations, by confirming that the country was indeed inactive.
[[Association of Indonesian Micronations]], bothered by Los Bay Petrosian inactivity that causing problems inside their bureaucracy, ratify a resolution to end Los Bay Petrosian membership inside the organisation in February 2015, with its deadline in March. With no Los Bay Petrosian delegates ever attend AIM general assembly to defy the resolution, Los Bay Petros finally lost its membership status inside AIM in March 2015. The resolution ended international recognition of Los Bay Petrosian government, and indeed its country existence.
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