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Edwin Farrar

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{{old}}{{Infobox official 2| type =Leader| name = Mr. Edwin Farrar | native name = Edwin Farrar| title = The Leader of the [[Labour Party of Abelden]]| image =Edwin Farrar.png|200px|caption=Online Avatar of Edwin Farrar| birthdate = {{Birth date and age|2000|3|13|df=y}}| birthplace = Kaoshuing, [[W:Republic of China|Republic of China]]| deathdate = | deathplace = | restingplace = | restingcoord = | birthname = Edwin Roger-Lee Farrar| citizenship = [[Florian Republic]]an <br> [[Coria]]n <br> [[Abelden|Abeldane]]| nationality = British/Taiwanese| party = [[Labour Party of Abelden]]| otherparty = Coria Democratic Party <br> [[United Right Party]]| spouse = | partner = | relations = | children = | residence = | almamater = | occupation =  |}} ==Early life==Edwin Roger-Lee Farrar is a former micronationalist who was born on the 13th March 2000 involved in Kaohsiung, the Republic of China. To Ian and Abby Farrar. His brother, Ainslee Farrar, His running mate was born on Christmas Eve 2003. His Mother is Taiwanese whilst his father is English. Edwin Farrar attended many primary schools both in the Republic of China and the UK, due to moving residence several times. ==Introduction to micronations==Edwin Farrar was first introduced to micro-nationalism in 2014, when he read articles about [[Sealand]] and [[Austenasia]]. He was inspired so much by Austenasia he decided to make his own micronation similar to [[Austenasia]]. Therefore he created such as the [[Gerpanic empireAbelden Empire]], however, the Gerpanic Empire would only last for a single month due to numerous spamming and abuse by people outside the micronation.Edwin decided to take a break from micronationationalism and started to research on how to make a successful country during this period. ==The Farrar Republic==On the 7th December [[2016]], Edwin Farrar returned to micronationalism by creating projects such as the [[Farrar Republic]]. The [[Farrar Republic]] was an instant success after the micronation got accepted as an observer of the [[GUM]]. However many criticised the micronation after the unpopular formation of the [[Union of Micronations]], which heavily damaged its reputation. Economic problems and constant rejection into micronational organisations led to the [[Farrar Republic]] eventually having no choice to merge with another micronation. The other micronation was the now defunct Duaktoserijia and the new micronation was called the [[URFD]]. ==The URFD==Edwin Farrar was appointed Prime Minister of the [[URFD]] and was responsible for its activity.He created the first fully functioning micronational league, the [[URFD National Football League]], however, it was abolished became a simulationist after the dissolution of the micronation. The main reason was due to the President of the nation resigning. The forming [[URFD]] only lasted for one month. ==Present==After the dissolution of the [[URFDFloria]]in 2017, Edwin Farrar thought about quitting micronations altogether. However, the micronational community persuaded for Edwin not to and was advised to join another a virtual micronation. Subsequently, Edwin Farrar applied for citizenship for the Republic and [[Mcarthia]] and was accepted. At the same time, it was announced that the successor of the [[URFD]] would join the [[UPO]] as the Federal Republic called The Republic of North Farrar. He also formed his political party, first the [[DPRP]], and later the [[United Right Party]]. On the 28th February, Edwin formed [[The Micronational Virtual Football Federation.]] He is the Governor of the which still runs today on [[Palatinate of Monkey Bay]], and is the leader of the [[Labour Party of Abelden]] is also the [[Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Abelden)|Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs]] in [[AbeldenMicras]]. 
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