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Joseph Marx

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'''Rev. Joseph Marx''', [[Order of North America|CNA]], [[Austenasian Order#Members of the Austenasian Order .28MAO.29|MAO]], [[Order of Liberty|LTC]], formerly '''Emperor Malum the First of Ohio''', and affectionately known as '''"Uncle Joe"''' (born 21 October 21, 1993) is a former royal and current political figure in the [[North American Confederation]]. During his [[wikipedia:reign|reign]] as the [[Prince of Ohio|Emperor of Ohio]] from 2008 to 2010, he was one of the communities earliest champions against [[micronational warfare]], promoting micrionational peace and cooperation.
In 2010, the monarchy was abolished as part of Ohio's unification with [[Empire of New Europe|New Europe]] and [[Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku|Eniarku]]. Marx served in the [[North American Confederation]] as its foreign minister until the union's fall into Interregnum in 2011. Two years later, on 17 May 2013 Marx resumed the role of foreign minister and leader of Ohio upon taking office as [[Ministry of Foreign Affairs (New Europe)|Foreign Minister]] of New Europe. He was soon replaced and returned to retirement before coming back, on 30 May 2015, to become the [[Prime Minister of the North American Confederation|Prime Minister]] of a reorganized [[North American Confederation]].

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