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Finn (Essexia)

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{{!}} colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" {{!}} ''Photo from December 2017Arms of the Earldom''
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{{!}} colspan="2" {{!}} <center>'''Assumed PositionIn Office'''<br>26 December 2017- 16 June 2020<small>{{{moretext|}}}</small> </center>
'''Rt. Hon. Earl Finn''' is was a Member of Parliament in the [[Essexia|Commonwealth of Essexia]]. Earl Finn is the Earl of Greater Danbury, and controls around 11 acres of land in [[Hawarden]], District in the County of Danbury.
He was the leader of the [[Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party]] from the party's creation until [[Sam H (Essexia)|Lord Sam]] took over on the 1st May 2020.
On 2nd May 2020 Earl Finn was appointed to the Order of William I at the rank Knight Cross of the Order.<ref>[,_King_of_Gradonia Sixth Decree of William I, King of Gradonia]</ref>
Earl Finn is well versed in worldwide historynothing in particular, politics, and general knowledge, and has a particular he is known for his interest in the former African country of [[w:Rhodesia|Rhodesia]] industrial areas and his love for the American state of [[w:Michigan|Michigan]]. He is also respected as a very British citizen.

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