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Foreign Ministry of Essexia

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List of Foreign Ministers
{{Infobox Political Post| border = parliamentary| minister = not_prime| insignia = Foreign Seal.png| insigniacaption = Seal of the| department = [[Foreign Ministry of Essexia]]| post = Foreign Ministry| image = Blankface.png| imagesize = 120| incumbent = ''Vacant''| incumbentsince = 1st June 2020| appointer = }}The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Essexia is a government department in the [[Commonwealth of Essexia]], and a key department of the [[Cabinet of Essexia]]. It is responsible for handling foreign affairs, managing diplomatic relations and representing the nation as a whole outside of the Commonwealth. The department is headed by the Foreign Minister, who is currently a position which has been vacant since the departure of [[Jack D (Essexia)|Lord Jack]]on the 1st June 2020.
==List of Junior Departments==
*'''''Foreign Minister under most separate Governments'''''
|[[File:ESX wiki EarlHawarden Arms.JPGpng|150px]]
|26th March 2020 <br>to<br>11th May 2020
''<small>46 days</small>''<br>
|[[Finn R (Essexia)|Earl Finn]]
|[[Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia]]
|11th May 2020<br>to<br>Present1st June 2020''<small>21 days</small>''<br>
|[[Jack D (Essexia)|Lord Jack]]
|[[Old Guard Party]]/[[Giraffe Concordat]]
*Giraffe Ministry
[[Category:Essexian Cabinet]]

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