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Essexian Union of Fascists

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|colorcode = #11437d
|leader2_title = Führer
|leader2_name = [[Lord Jack of D (Essexia)|Lord Jack]]
|slogan = ''Minus Genozid, wir sind nicht schlecht''
|foundation = 8 January 2019
The EUF was founded on the 8th of January 2019 by [[Jack D (Essexia)|Lord Jack of Essexia]] after the NatCons lost the 8/1/19 First Minister Elections, and then Communism was banned by the [[Parliament of Essexia|The Parliament of Essexia]]. They were somewhat active for 1 month and 19 days, afterwards deciding to revert back to the NatCons after having a party-wide ideological shift, and realising that centrist conservatism was more mainstream and accepted.
At its peak, the EUF had 3 seats in Parliament, and were the official opposition to the ruling Royalist Party.
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