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Essexian Embassy to Spain

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[[File:Esx spain.jpg|right|200px|thumb|The Essexian flag hoisted at the top of the Embassy.]]
The '''Embassy of the [[Commonwealth of Essexia]] to the Kingdom of Spain''' is the unaccredited diplomatic mission of the Commonwealth of Essexia to the Kingdom of Spain, and also serves as the base of operations for an Essexian delegation when they are present in the country. It does not maintain a permanent presence due to the lack of manpower to do so, but the building is owned by the family of [[Matthew S (Essexia)|Lord Matthew of Essexia]], and is often staffed for several weeks in the summer.
The embassy was established on the 23rd of July 2019, and is located in Alicante.
==The Embassy==
The embassy is located in Orihuela, Alicante - the Meddetrainan Sea is within 10km of the property, and Alicante airport is within 20km; both of which are visible from the terrace. The property has served as a holiday home for the family of Lord Matthew for several years, however was only inaugurated as an embassy from the 23rd of July 2019 in a private ceremony. The only Essexian to ever visit the property has been Lord Matthew, with several visits from the [[Emperor Terry of Essexia|Emperor]] and [[Earl Finn Foreign Ministry of HawardenEssexia|Foreign Minister]] currently being planned.
It is the first and only foreign embassy of Essexia. It is also the only building, anywhere within the Commonwealth of Essexia, to have a permanent flag presence at the roof of the building - although the flag is not hoisted when there is not a delegation present. Most notably, the embassy was the location of the first Essexian diplomatic contact with both Spaniards and Europeans, who were the next door neighbours of the property. Lord Matthew and his father introduced the guests into the embassy, and introduced some aspects of Essexia to them, and they enjoyed a meal and evening entertainment.

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