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| locations = 9 (7 Europe, 1 North America, 1 Scandinavia)
| area_served = [[Commonwealth of Essexia]], [[w:Europe|Europe]], [[w:North America|North America]], [[w:Scandinavia|Scandinavia]]
| key_people = [[Jack D (Essexia)|Earl Jack of Molrams]]
| products = Aircraft liveries
| production =
| assets = 7 aircraft
| equity =
| owner = [[Jack D (Essexia)|Earl Jack of Molrams]]
| num_employees = 2
| parent =
Essexiair Ltd. was founded by Earl Jack on the 12th August 2019 as a virtual airline hobby. He created a website, liveries and a SimBuddy group in the following weeks. During this development time, [[Finn R (Essexia)|Earl Finn of Hawarden]] joined from the Instagram page, and was hired as the Chief Operating Officer. FlyAlbion was created as a subordiante airline on the 26th August 2019, focusing on the [ "business and first class"] market.
The airline saw a brief period of inactivity from November 2019 to January 2020, coinciding with a lack of inactivity in the micronation as a whole.
=== Micronational aviation group ===
Earl Jack opened the possibility of creating some form of airline alliance on the 14th February 2020; The proposed group would consist of active micronational airlines who operate either virtually, or on a physical yet small scale.

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