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Abeldane National Union

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Its current leader is [[Patrick Renwick]], who took the leadership following the ascension of [[Nicholas Kaos]] to the Abeldane throne on 29 May 2020. The party was originally founded as the National Federalist Party by [[Alejandro Whyatt]] on November 2017 and was renamed to ''Die Rechte'' on June 2018 after [[Stephen Freayth]] became the party's leader. It was then renamed to Populares on June 2019, before finally becoming the Abeldane National Union in May 2020.
The party is the curren current governing party in Abelden, holding a plurality of the seats in the [[Reichsversammlung]], the legislature of the Empire. It previously had its own sister party in [[Alenshka]], the [[Alenshkan People's Party|People's Party]], before the AVP decided to terminate the alliance in May 2020.
===Freayth's leadership===
Following the inactivity in government under Whyatt's term as Vorsitzender, [[Stephen Freayth]] joined the party and was elected as Leader. He reformed the party and renamed the party to ''Die Rechte'', which stands for ''The Right'' in German, and changed the party colour from yellow to dark red. A snap election was held on [[Abeldane federal election, June 2018|June 2018]] which saw Freayth and [[Max Pollack]], running for Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter respectively, elected in a landslide and the party gaining 10 out of 18 seats in the [[Reichsversammlung]], the first party to achieve an absolute majority in the house. Freayth would continue to lead the party, now known as Populares, until late 2019, when he resigned.
===Kaos' leadership===
Following Freayth’s resignation, [[Nicholas Kaos]] became party leader. Kaos’ lesdership would see the party gain a majority in the [[Reichsversammlung]] in the [[Abeldane federal election, December 2019|December 2019]] general election. In the following [[Abeldane executive election, March 2020|March 2020]] executive elections, the parties candidates for both executive offices: [[Patrick Renwick]] for [[Vorsitzender]] and [[Nicholas Randouler]] for [[Stellvertreter]], we’re elected, and the single-party [[Sixth Renwick ministry]] formed. Kaos would resign as party leader at the end of May 2020, following his unexpected ascension to the [[Abeldane Monarchy|Imperial Throne]] with the abdication of Emperor [[Newton von Uberquie|Newton]].
===Kaos' Renwick’s leadership===[[Patrick Renwick]], the party’s deputy leader and the [[Vorsitzender]] became party leader following Kaos’ resignation. Renwick’s first act as leader was to rename the party to the ''Abeldane National Union''.
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